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10 Reasons to Read Vampire Academy


The tenth anniversary edition of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy has finally arrived, it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited over here. But we’re not the only ones. We asked VA fans on Facebook and Twitter why they love the series, and it was hard to narrow down the hundreds of fabulous fan replies, but here are some of our faves!



Kickass, strong, and independent ladies

VA was the first series I read where the female protagonists were strong and independent. Growing through my teen years reading this wonderful series taught me that women don’t need a man to be strong. It also taught me that it’s okay to stand up for myself.

– Jackie M.


It’s a YA game changer

#VampireAcademy was a game changer in the YA vampire genre. And Rose was a character I needed as a teen.

– Miranda E.


Crush-worthy characters

It was the first series I had read where I FELT that all-consuming ache in my chest re: Dimtri. FOR DAYS!

– April H.


The characters are realistic and flawed

1. I LOVE Rose. She was the first girl I felt inspired by- her flaws and her kickass attitude <3 2. DIMITRI <3_<3

– Bhayva G.


It takes you to another world

VA is a world so well spun you can live in their world, love the people in it, and it will leave you wondering what adventures they’re embarking even after the book had ended.

– Deidre R.


Rose is #goals

I love VA because Rose is sassy, funny, and badass as hell. Exactly the kind of heroine I’d want to be if I ever get to be reborn as a book character.

– Julienne D.


Beautiful friendships

The bond of friendship and a sexy Russian in a leather duster 😉

– Vanessa V.


Sassy sarcasm abounds

Rose is the first female character I could ever relate to on a profoundly sarcastic level.

– Chloe D.


It will make you fall in love with reading

It is actually the series that got me back into reading 😊 I named my son Mason after the character in Vampire Academy 💗

– Leslie M



I was sucked in from the very beginning! (No pun intended)

– Amber P




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