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5 Life Lessons from Netflix’s CHEER


Author Jennifer Iacopelli of Break the Fall, like us, is a HUGE fan of Netflix’s addictive new original: CHEER. So, we asked her to share her top five takeaways! Here are 5 life lessons from Netflix’s CHEER.


  1. Try New Things


Take a page out of Gabi Butler’s book and don’t be afraid to try something new! She was a famous cheerleader and social media influencer before she joined the squad at Navarro College and she’d been homeschooled since she was a kid. Gabi didn’t have to go to college, but she challenged herself. Even though it was difficult for her, both in the gym and in the classroom, her risk paid off in the end.


  1. Stay Positive


Whether he was on the mat or on the sidelines as an alternate, Jerry Harris was always supporting his teammates, even after dealing with the heartbreaking death of his mother, being cut at his dream school, and not landing a competition spot in his first year at Navarro. In the end, Jerry’s positive attitude was rewarded with a spot on mat and admission to Louisville!


  1. Work Hard


Were we rooting for anyone as hard as we were rooting for Morgan Simianer? After a tough childhood, she didn’t have the same cheerleading background as a lot of the other members of the Navarro team and it showed in her skills. How many times did Coach Monica remind her to point her toes? But, over the course of the season she worked so hard to improve and her dedication paid off in Daytona.


  1. Stand Up For Yourself


Our hearts broke when we found out about the cyberbullying Lexi Brumback was facing on social media, especially after everything she’d been through and how hard she was finding it to connect with the team. But Lexi stood up for herself, reported what was happening to her, and got through a very difficult situation with the support of her coach and her teammates who embraced her as one of their own.


  1. Stick Together


The biggest lesson we can take from CHEER is to stick together. When you’re part of a team, the most important thing is to have your teammates’ backs, no matter what is going on. Sometimes that means supporting them when they succeed. Other times it means giving them a second chance when they fail. It can mean telling hard truths when no one else will, or listening even when they’re holding you accountable for messing up. Coach Monica and the cheerleaders at Navarro College fought hard together and that’s why we love them so much!



Jennifer’s new book, Break the Fallis hitting shelves February 18! 


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