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5 Times Seafire Broke Our Cold Dead Hearts





Additional warning: this is going to hurt.


So here’s the thing:


Seafire got a glow up, and that meant it was time for a re-read. Which was a good reminder that apparently this book thought it would be okay to drop in on our TBR lists and crush our souls a little (a lot.)

(See aforementioned glow up below. PRETTY, RIGHT?)


So, without further ado, here’s a recap of all the times Seafire shattered our cold dead hearts. You know, in case you needed some salt for that wound.

We’re counting down from the least to most intense feels kickin’


  1. The time Pisces and Caledonia lost their families. And crew. And ship.


“Then the Bullets began their gruesome work of dragging the dead to their ship and hoisting the bodies of the slain on the metal pikes studding their rail.”

We weren’t even safe for the first chapter, guys. NOT EVEN ONE CHAPTER.



  1. Fake Donnally’s demise


“The girl raised her gun, and without a second thought, without waiting to look for a sigil, she fired at the Ballistic.”

Behold, the only time us readers could catch a break in the midst of all the feels-kicking going on. It probably goes without saying that we all (in classic YA fashion) let out the breath we didn’t realize we were holding when this fellow who got himself shot turned out to not be Caledonia’s brother, Donnally. Though, not before we felt crushed for a couple of pages thinking that he was.




  1. Lace

 “The moment Caledonia caught the flash of Lace’s face in battle had been her last.”


You knew this was coming. This bright-eyed ray of sunshine was one of two epic blondes to steal our hearts and then die without our permission. That brings us to no. 2.


  1. Redtooth

Though Caledonia’s body was weak from the fight, she crouched and pulled Redtooth into her arms.

“Let’s go home, my friend,” she whispered.


What no we’re not crying YOU’RE CRYING.


  1. Caledonia leaving her ship and crew to face her final mission alone.


“The ship had been her home for her entire life. It had been destroyed and repaired and made into a home for so many others. Now it was gone. And she felt certain she would never see it again.”

And just when we thought Caledonia and the rest of our beloved sisterhood was going to sail off into the sunset.



Honorable mention: Metalmouth the Goat


“Goats were hardy in general, but Metalmouth had been named for the fact that she would have eaten the hull of their ship if she could.”

Not even pets are safe. Goodbye, Metalmouth. We will miss you.





Seafire is now in paperback! Get your copy here!




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