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6 Books the Characters of Orphan Black Should Read


It’s been a while since the most recent season of Orphan Black wrapped up, and if you’re anything like us, you’re going a little crazy waiting for what happens next. So while we wait anxiously for the next season to start, we have to wonder: What would the clones read in between scuffles with the Neolutionists? Check out our picks for Sarah and the LEDA clones below:


Sarah Manning: Pretending to be Erica by Michelle Painchaud

Sarah starts off the show as a bit of a con- artist, and we think she would love Violet from Pretending to be Erica. Sarah would relate to this tale of a girl raised to replace a kidnapped heiress and steal a priceless painting.


Alison Hendrix—Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

Alison tries to be the perfect suburban mom, but she can kick some butt when she has too, which makes us think she would appreciate Rebel Belle. Our favorite “soccer mom” clone would adore Southern belle Harper Price, who has to balance cotillion dresses, lip gloss, and fighting the forces of evil.


Cosima Niehaus—Origin by Jessica Khoury

Jessica Khoury’s Origin features a group of scientists who create and raise a race of super humans…something Cosima and the rest of the clones can definitely relate to. Cosima would love this fast paced science fiction tale.


Helena—Nemisis by Brendan Reichs

Helena is everyone’s favorite clone assassin. A little scary but totally lovable, she keeps us guessing, just like this thriller. Murder, lies, secrets, and conspiracies abound in a read that Helena would love.


Rachel Duncan—Iceling by Sasha Stephenson

Rachel would love Lorna’s relationship with her adopted (and possibly not human) sister, Callie in Sasha Stephenson’s Iceling. This tale of sibling bonds is a great read for Project LEDA’s “Proclone”.


Beth Childs—Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly

Police detective Beth would be into Stephanie Tromly’s quirky investigator Philip Digby and his misadventures as he tries to solve the kidnapping of a local teenage girl. This funny mystery and its dynamic leading duo would be a much needed break from the clone mystery.





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