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7 Bookish Bullet Journal Ideas


It’s a new year, which means we have new year’s resolutions to complete. If you’re like us, you’ve been admiring swoon-worthy bullet journals on Instagram for a while now, and a new year is a perfect excuse to try the trend for yourself! To help you get started, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite bullet journal tricks for book lovers.


Bookcase Reading Log

Keep track of your “to read list” with this cute bookshelf. You can even color in the titles as you read them! Bonus points for a gorgeously lettered quote about books.


Bookstack Reading Log

Keep a list of the books you’ve already read with this colorful bookstack.


Habit Tracker

If your goal is to read more, a handy tracker like this one can help you mark the days where you meet your goal.


Late on posting last week’s completed spread. If only I had a place to write down things I needed to do… 🙊🙊

A photo posted by Natalie Tsai (@natnatattacks) on

Or you can graph the number of hours you read every day to track your goal in more detail.


To-Read List

Sometimes simplicity is key. Never forget a book recommendation again with a page devoted to a simple list of books to read.


To-Read Checklist

Starting a bullet journal, and enjoying it so far with my first completed page. #bulletjournal #journaling #bookstoread

A photo posted by Mickaela Hoffpauir (@mickay_cray) on

This design lets you record the authors as well as the titles and check off books as you read them.


Illustrated “Books Read” Tracker

Spice up your “to read” list with some fun book illustrations.





Ready to start reading? Start with these books going on sale in January!


















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