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7 Spooky Books to Read if You’re PSYCHED About Netflix’s Sabrina Reboot


Something crazy is happening this month


No, we don’t mean the whole “Dunkin’ is dropping ‘Donuts’ from their name” thing. (But we’re pretty shook about that too.)


We mean the Netflix. Reboot. Of. SABRINA. 


Sabrina the Teenage Witch is getting a killer (literally) reboot and we are living for it. Firstly, they’ve added Chilling to the title, which DOES NOT bode well for anyone’s safety!






Dear October 26. Please get here sooner.


BUT we hope this list of reads will make the last week of Spooky Season bearable after you accidentally binge watch all of Sabrina and aren’t ready to let go of October yet.

1. Undead Girl Gang




Because when is raising vengeful high school girls from the grave with your amateur witchcraft skills to hunt for their murderer not a good idea? Sabrina would be proud.




2. The Merciless


The Merciless HC


Listen, we’re not saying this will frighten you to your core…but maybe keep the lights on tonight if you’re gonna give this series a go. Um. You know. For reading.




3. Vampire Academy


Vampire Academy PB


Let’s face it, vampires are a non-negotiable October reading list necessity.

(Careful though. If you manage to get your hands on the whole series, you may binge-read your way right through Halloween and into Christmas. And that’s a whole other list.)




4. The Wicked Deep




Sabrina isn’t the only witch who keeps coming back. Two-hundred years after their murders, these three witches stroll back into the small community of Sparrow to spook the town and your reading list.




5. The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein


Elizabeth Frankenstein\


A dark and twisty Frankenstein retelling with a dose of girl power and a pinch of absolute horror? Um. #HalloweenTBRgoals.




6. Beasts Made of Night




Deadly magic. Sins that take the form of beasts. Nigerian-influenced fantasy. If you liked Children of Blood and Bone, this is an October must-read.




7. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown




Okay, so a deadly monster-filled city called Coldtown may not be the destination to book a vacation, but it makes for wonderfully dark Halloween read after a wonderfully dark Netflix binge-watch of Sabrina, ya know?






A Map of Days



Scary isn’t for everyone. Some of us actually like being able to sleep without feeling the need to triple-check the locks and leave the bathroom light on. Sure, hollowgasts aren’t exactly a walk in the park, but you might sleep easier with a dash of Miss Peregrine in your reading.




Looking for more scares? Check out these 11 creepy lines from books that will give you chills.


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