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8 Wicked Books the Scream Queens Would Totally Devour


You know, besides all those textbooks they have time to read between finding a homicidal maniac on campus AND getting through Hell Week. We’ve paired the Scream Queens characters with the books we KNOW they’d love to read…if they make it out alive:

**some TV show spoilers ahead!!**


Chanel #1 ––> The Merciless


This is a no-brainer. Outrageously vicious Chanel #1 would meet her match with the teen girls in The Merciless who lock their classmate in a basement so they can perform an “exorcism” on her.


Chanel #2 ––> Slasher Girls & Monster Boys


Ok this horrible BUT…Chanel #2′s time with us was short, so she’d probably be better off squeezing in a few short stories from this book instead of taking on a whole novel…


Chanel #3 ––> The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen


Apparently we’ll find out why Chanel #3 is always wearing earmuffs later in the season but for now all we see is a hipster-accessory, just like the style of the mysterious hipster girl Wes meets at a seance in The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen.


Denise Hemphill ––>Nightfall


Denise’s job is to protect the girls from an unidentified killer, and she’d get some fantastic survival tips from a trio who gets left behind in 14 years of Night.


Chad Radwell ––>Blood and Salt


It’s no secret that death and creepy things really do it for Chad, and we think this blend of sinister and sexy will totally take him there.


Dean Munsch ––>Blythewood


Heading up a school where a homicidal maniac is on the loose is probably a lot like heading up one where students keep disappearing and a force of evil is bent on destruction.


Zayday ––>Conversion


As someone who wants to be president someday, Zayday would identify with the girls at St. Joan’s Academy, who are suffering from an unexplained “hysteria” their senior year. Plus, she’s already surrounded by out-of-control females at Wallace University.


The Red Devil ––> The Accident Season


Obviously the instigator of various gruesome deaths would choose to read a book about a family who suffers terrible accidents every October.


Picture credit: all Scream Queens photos from the Scream Queens Wiki!





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