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What do each of the Twelve Houses of The Zodiac Sound Like?


In Romina Russell’s Zodiac series, your sign is more like your race or nationality, rather than based on when you were born. Because of this, each house has their own characteristics, and with that, their own accents. Author Romina Russell answers what she heard in her head as she was writing the series.


ARIEANS: Their spartan speech is sharp and challenging, and I hear an accent that’s somewhat Russian-ish or German-ish.


TAURIANS: Their speech is clear and clipped, and it has a certain melody to it that’s somewhat Manhattan-ish. 


GEMININ: Their voices are so varied and variable that they sound almost like cartoon characters–after all, the imagination is uncontainable.


CANCRIANS: There’s a soft warmth in the way Cancrians speak that makes me think of small town hospitality.


LEOS: They speak passionately and aggressively, and they’re as generous with their laughter as their rage–to me, their accent sounds American.

VIRGOS: Their succinct speech is fastidious and fast-paced, and I hear a French-ish accent.


LIBRANS: Hysan has always sounded somewhat British-ish in my head!


SCORPS: Scorpio is the only House without worldwide governance–just like Earth’s countries, Scorpio’s nations are sovereign territories. I envision the dozen waterworlds speaking the same language but with varying accents and colloquialisms and slang; sort of the way that Spanish is spoken in so many of our countries, yet it’s a slightly different iteration of the language in each one.


SAGITTARIANS: They have a singsongy quality to their voices, and they speak in an accent that’s Italian-ish/Argentine-ish.


CAPRICORNS: They dispense their wisdom clearly and carefully and candidly, in an accent that’s somewhat Nigerian-ish.


AQUARIANS: Their speech is hopeful and insightful, and they deliver their words with equal parts gravity and dreaminess, somewhat Ravenclaw-ish… (Hogwarts counts as earthly, right?)  


PISCENES: They speak slowly and gently, their words peaceful and kind, and the quality of their speech brings to mind island life.


OPHIUCHANS: They spoke with raspy, reptilian voices that couldn’t be compared to anything human.



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