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An Open Letter to the Cover of Warcross


Dear Cover of Warcross,


It’s time we had a talk.



You’ve been on my mind a lot since you were revealed on March 9th, 2017. And when I say a lot, I mean not a day goes by that your radiant design doesn’t cross my mind. You’ve been seared into my brain and consequently, I’ve already cleared an entire shelf on my bookshelf for your arrival on September 12th. Why, you may ask?


Best way to spend an hour in an airport? With @marieluthewriter’s #WARCROSS! 😍😍😍

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Let’s start with the rainbow vibes. After seeing you, I am 100% confident that THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH RAINBOWS on book covers. Not unlike the Unicorn Frappuccino, you are bold and colorful and refreshing and unlike any other book cover I’ve seen. Why are so many book covers black or blue or some unidentified shade of darkness?? I mean, no shade to my bookshelf – I love you – but I am SO ready to add this splash of white and rainbow to my collection.


Oh and apparently the main character has rainbow hair to match the cover?


BRB going to the hair salon.



Ok I’m back.


You are simple, you are pure. You stand out from the crowd with your effortless beauty. Really, we could all learn something from you. You’re like the opposite of extra and that’s why I love you.


Then there’s that logo. Like, WHAT?!? What even are you?? A labyrinthine mesh of letters that looks somewhat like a Rubiks cube but also kindof like a rainbow UFO but also the coolest maze of all time? I am mesmerized by you. You indicate to me that your insides will be dangerous, action-packed, and larger than life.






And that tagline. “Player, hunter, hacker, pawn.” I’m in. I’m just in. What do you mean? How does someone go from player to hunter to hacker to pawn? I’m busy enough being just a reading addict. Clearly there’s a game involved. And at this point I’m pretty sure the game is Warcross. But what is Warcross? And who is doing the hunting?? Just tell me: should I be afraid.



And as much as you astound me, you also make total and perfect sense because your story was written by Marie Lu. She’s an utter legend (pun intended) as the superstar author of the Legend series and The Young Elites series – both prime examples of her absolutely flawless storytelling skills. 



Oh, and Warcross, you look pretty great undressed too 😉





Can’t wait to read?

Find out more and pre-order your copy of Warcross!
























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