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Our book recs for the main characters of ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’


Episode IX is upon is… which means the Skywalker saga is about to reach its end. But stories (and books!) live forever, and we’d like to think that the main characters of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker can find some time to sit down and read. When they do, here are the books that we think they’d benefit from reading the most!

Rey: An Ember in the Ashes


Not only does Rey’s perpetual face-off with Kylo Ren give us SERIOUS Laia and the Nightbringer vibes, but we have a feeling that Rey would be able to relate to Laia’s journey of survival and restoring hope to her people. (Plus, Rey would be THE BEST teacher for Laia in hand-to-hand combat!)


Finn: Down and Across


As Finn knows more than anyone, sometimes you have to run away from everything and everyone you know, in order to find the courage to be honest about who you are. That’s why we think Finn would have a lot of notes to swap with Scott Ferdowsi.


Poe Dameron: War Girls


Since The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron has been on the path to becoming a leader, and any military commander in wartime must make difficult decisions. Onyii of the War Girls would be able to teach him a thing or two about inspiring trust on the battlefield… though we’d definitely be interested in seeing whether Onyii or Poe is the better pilot.


Rose Tico: The Afterward


Family means everything to Rose Tico. Even though she lost her sister Paige in The Last Jedi, Rose never gave up hope, and she found a new family—including Finn, and (as we’re about to see in The Rise of Skywalker) Poe and Rey, too. That’s why we believe Rose would love the found family cast of The Afterward, and their (quite similar) quest to restore balance to their civilization.


Kylo Ren: Frankly in Love


Look… family can be challenging, and how you grow up has a large impact on how you live your life. No matter how you feel about Kylo Ren, all we’ll say is that Kylo could learn a lot about the complexities of family life (and about how to deal with your parents’ expectations while also detoxifying your relationships) by stepping off his throne for just one afternoon to read about Frank Li and his family.


General Hux: Darius the Great is Not Okay


On the subject of detoxifying your relationships, we’re pretty sure that Darius’s evolving relationship with his father—as well as his newfound friendship with Sohrab—can teach General Hux a lot about bringing wholesome, nontoxic relationships into your life. Even the military leader of the First Order has some room to grow, right?


Emperor Palpatine: The Beautiful


Being (or becoming) immortal can certainly change your worldview on life. While we’re still not positive on how Emperor Palpatine has returned to the Star Wars galaxy after his electrifying death in Return of the Jedi, maybe he learned a thing or two from La Cour des Lions on the secret of immortality. Or maybe they learned it from him?



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