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CROWN TOWN NEWS ALERT: Celebs Flock to Royal Wedding


Two big things are happening this May: the Royal Wedding, and Royals by Rachel Hawkins! Because we are outrageously excited for both, we are kicking off our month-long series of ROYAL content to get you ready for the Royal Wedding (whether you’re on the guest list or hosting a viewing party, both equally important!!). Our regular Crown Town reporter will be keep us royally updated, so stay tuned! First up? Celebrity guests lists and music!

I’m Invited? Now what?!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is nearly here, with the date set on May 19. And Alex and Ellie’s big day will be a Christmastime celebration. What a year! Now that Meghan has had her hen party (and Eleanor’s is to come), let’s laser in on the most important aspects of the royal wedding day: What to wear and who’ll be there!


You’ve Got Mail

Royal friends and A-list celebrities were checking their letterboxes late last month to see if they’d find a golden ticket to one of the most anticipated events of the year: Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The ginger Prince and his California sweetheart are set to wed in mid-May, and there will be nothing but global fanfare.

We say it’s “one of the most anticipated events …” because the British royal’s lesser known (but slightly better looking) cousin, Prince Alexander, the Scottish Duke of Rothsay, is set to be married at Christmas to his own American girl, Eleanor Winter. Although the popular (and rather snarky) tabloid headline has been “Winter is coming . . . to the UK,” spokespeople say that, behind the scenes, there’s been nothing but royal warmth coming from the crowns for BOTH nuptials. Could it be? R-r-r-r-ealllly? (Answer: Keep your eyes peeled this way, cuz let’s just say, we know our onions!)


Plus One, Anyone?

With two royally enviable invitation lists now in ink, in-crowd celebs and imperial pals alike wait with baited breath to see if they’re IN  . . . or OUT. And remember, they have not one but TWO opportunities to grab glory (or be gutted if neither invitation arrives). Soooo, who will make the list? And who did the crown cross off? It’s the secret of the century. See below for the players predicted to attend the weddings of the year.


Ready, Player One?

If you were planning the guest lists for the royal weddings, who would make the cut? We’ve given it a first stab here. Now grab a quill and add your faves (and, g’head, feel free to cross off the “no’s!). Ready? Let’s play!


Margot Robbie

When Oscar-nommed “I Tonya” star Margot Robbie met Prince Harry at a party, she thought he was Ed Sheeran. Let’s just say she prob wasn’t the first. PS: It’s rumored the scruffy Teddy may be making a “Perfect” appearance at the post-wedding par-tay.

Cara Delevigne

She’s such good pals with the Prince she once drunk-texted him –– and he sober-texted her back using only emojis. And they’re STILL buds. She’s in!

David Tennant and Peter Capaldi

On wedding day in Scotland, if you ask “Is there a Doctor in the house?” the answer will be: “How about TWO?” As in two Doctor Whos! Alex and Ellie are secretly big fans of the show (closet Whovians?). Question: Will the two Scot docs arrive via taxi or TARDIS?

Eddie Redmayne

It turns out that Oscar and Bafta winner Eddie and Harry’s bro William are old Eton chums and rugby teammates along with both sharing the honor of being elected to The Eton Society. No doubt Mr. Redmayne will be breaking out his morning coat this May 19th.

Serena Williams

Although Meghan and Harry were among the A-listers to receive an invitation to the Serena Williams/Alexis Ohanian New Orleans nups, neither could make it due to long-standing prior commitments. That said, Momma Smash and her Reddit-founding new hubs will def get whisked past the royal velvet ropes at Windsor next month.

Andy Murray

It’s game-set-match that this gorgeous Glaswegian Wimbledon winner will be sitting on the groom’s side when Alex and Ellie say “I do.” Alex and Andy, who is both tennis royalty and royalty royalty (he was knighted by the Queen, after all) have been known to volley the ball around on the clay courts.

Beyonce and Jay-Z: They’ll take a break from prepping for the European leg of their OTR II tour launching in both princes’ backyard (London Stadium on June 15) to toast Harry and Meghan. But will they also spend Christmas in Scotland to fete Alex and Ellie?

David and Victoria: The Beckhams, if you please. No question that they’ll be saying “yes” ANNNND “yessssss.” Will they ignite fashion mania in May and go vogue in again December, setting trend-setting tongues a-wagging with their as-yet-unveiled matrimonial accouterments?

Elton John: Long-time royals friend, especially to Harry’s mum, Princess Diana, Elton John performed a special version of “Candle in the Wind” at Diana’s memorial service and attended Will and Kate’s knot-tying. The Pinball Wizard may have mellowed on the yellow brick road in recent years, but he’s still a fixture when the nobles get grand. BTW, if you spy a big, white piano at the reception, get ready cuz you’re gonna rock with Rocket Man.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama: Although good friends with Harry, the former U.S. president and his wife had to decline the invitation. Some say it was at the request of the prince in order to adhere to diplomatic courtesies. Word has it the Obamas sent the perfect gift and nobody but NOBODY is revealing what it is. Our lips are sealed, but our ears are wide open. Any guesses, gift whisperers?

Army Comrades: Prince Harry will welcome his military mates from his Afghanistan service days with great heart and sincerity. This band of brothers cannot be broken!


Soooooo  . . .  who’s missing? Who would you add to the list? Let us know.


Play That Funky Music

The happy Brit couple ma-a-a-ay sway away at Windsor Castle to scruffy Harry-look-alike Ed Sheeran’s hot hit during their first dance. Too “Perfect!” BUT, shhhhhhhhh, get this: whispered word has it that Eddie-boy has a scheduling conflict, which could mean the royal gig is up for grabs. Also of note: the Scottish prince is keeping his musical muse under wraps. Could Sheeran be headlining in the Highlands instead? Guesses please! Which celeb singers will usher Harry & Meghan AND Alex & Ellie onto the dance floor?

Here’s who tops our charts:

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want: when the reception gets rolling, look for things to get zigazig and zesty when Harry’s childhood faves the Spice Girls reunite for a couple of numbers sure to get even the Queen’s toe tapping.

Whatcha Say? Rumor has it that Florida-born swooner Jason Derulo

will bring his summer jam to Scotland to sing his hot hit “Marry Me” at the one of Alex and Ellie’s wedding events. Hey, he’s dined at the White House and collaborated with Stevie “Sir Duke” Wonder so he’s got the low down on being high-falutin’. Plus he’ll be bringin’ a ray of Ellie’s Sunshine State to brighten up her heart –– AND the slate skies of Scotland.

You know Sir Elton John will light up the room with more than a candle on the wind! Get ready for a romance slow-dance to “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” Since this tune’s a childhood fave of all four future grooms and brides, will the Pinball Wizard score a royal double-booking and have to bumper bounce between a duo of schmancy banquets? Hakuna matata!

And finally, Beyonce may be on Harry and Meghan’s guest list, but rumor has it Queen B will take the stage solo for the “Single Ladies” in the room. Hey, Royal Wreckers, better blast some Binaca in la bouche and get ready hit the dance floor. Put a ring on THAT!



Read more about Royals here!














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