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Meet the Dark Days Club and See the EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal for Book 3!


The Dark Days Club, Alison Goodman’s Regency adventure series that stars a stylish and intrepid Buffy-esque demon-hunter is coming to a close this year, and we are so excited to show you the cover for The Dark Days Deceit! Before we get there, though, let’s do a quick recap on who’s who in the Dark Days Club.


Lady Helen: new Reclaimer and possible new Duchess.

Movie lookalike: Daisy Ridley (Star Wars)


Likes: reading novels, driving a sporty gig, masquerading as a man, her new super strength, training and demon hunting with Lord Carlston, and dancing with the Duke of Selburn.

Dislikes: Mansplaining, liars, dishonor, caper sauce.

Ideal date: Depends. It could be horse riding followed by a spot of demon hunting with an Earl, or it could be a night of dancing with a Duke.

Most likely to be found. . .  reading that fabulous new novel Pride and Prejudice by the same anonymous author who wrote Sense and Sensibility.


Lord Carlston: leader of the Reclaimers, social exile and possible wife murderer.

Movie/TV lookalike: Aidan Turner (Poldark, The Hobbit)


Best song to describe his messed up feelings for Lady Helen:  Passenger, “Let Her Go”

Likes: Lady Helen, baiting the Duke of Selburn, witty banter, absorbing Deceiver energy and a glass or two of brandy.

Dislikes: the Duke of Selburn, dishonor, anyone talking about his dead wife (mainly because everyone thinks he murdered her).

Ideal date: horse riding followed by a bit of demon hunting.

Most likely to found . . . binge watching Jessica Jones on Netflix.


The Duke of Selburn: Leader of Society and frontrunner for Lady Helen’s hand in marriage.

Movie lookalike: a blond Benedict Cumberbatch.


Best song to describe his feelings for Lady Helen: “Let It Be Me” by Ray LaMontagne

Likes: Lady Helen, running his huge estate, leading society, hosting parties.

Dislikes: Lord Carlston, being left out, Lord Carlston (one dose of hate doesn’t cover it).

Ideal date: a four-course dinner, followed by a stroll around his estate and then a night of dancing at a ball (probably in his own ballroom).

Most likely found . . . heading out to the latest club (or buying it).


Jen Darby: Lady Helen’s maid, Terrene, and BFF.

Movie/TV lookalike: Nell Hudson (Victoria, Outlander)


Best song for BFF’s Darby and Lady Helen: “My Friend” by Groove Armada.

Likes: Mr. Quinn, solving problems, her new super strength and being Lady Helen’s Terrene (Reclaimer’s right-hand woman).

Dislikes: Injustice, being underestimated, getting up at 6am every day to start work.

Ideal Date: A walk around Hyde Park and trying that new fad “icecream” at Gunter’s with Mr. Quinn on their half-day off a month.

Most likely to be found . . . listening to moody love songs while whipping up a new dress.


Mr. Quinn: Lord Carlston’s BFF and suitor to Miss Darby.

Movie lookalike: Jason Momoa (Aquaman)


Likes: Jen Darby, loyalty, and travelling through Europe.

Dislikes: writing letters, fancy clothes, waiting outside ballrooms for Carlston.

Ideal date: Anything alongside Jen Darby.

Most likely to be found . . . pumping iron at the gym or training with horsewhips.



And now for the cover!






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