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Four Dead Queens: the PLAYLIST!


Let’s face it. Sometimes, you’re reading an epic mystery fantasy and you just need to jam. As it turns out, Astrid Scholte author of Four Dead Queens feels the same way, and she’s shared her playlist with us! Although she’s not one for writing to music, she certainly knows how to build the perfect Four Dead Queens reading atmosphere. Scroll down to read (and listen) Astrid’s take on it!



While I’m inspired by music, unfortunately I find it distracting when writing and require complete silence, especially while writing my first draft. Although I do listen to a lot of Disney theme park soundtracks when revising as it’s music that fades into the background. That said, there are a few key songs that conjure the atmosphere, world and characters of Four Dead Queens.


Wish That You Were Here – Florence and the Machine. This song reminds me of Keralie and how she feels about her family and past. I love Florence and the Machine and could fill an entire playlist with their songs, but I will refrain.

Hold Me Down – Halsey. This is Keralie and her thoughts on her relationship with Mackiel.

To Be Human – Sia. I love all of Sia’s music, but this song in particular reminds me of Queen Corra and her struggles.

Control – Halsey. I get chills listening to this song, especially at the start. When I play this song, I picture the assassin stalking the palace corridors.

Burning – Maggie Rogers. This song gives me all the Keralie and Varin feels!

High Hopes – Panic! At the Disco. I always picture Mackiel as Brendan Urie in a top hat from I Write Sins Not Tragedies, and whenever I hear this song it reminds me of Mackiel’s big dreams.

Heavy in Your Arms – Florence and the Machine. Okay, so I couldn’t help but include another Florence song. But with lyrics like those below, how could this not conjure images of the queens’ assassin? It’s eerie and dramatic and wonderful!

Who is the betrayer?
Who’s the killer in the crowd?
The one who creeps in corridors
And doesn’t make a sound

You Should See Me in a Crown – Billie Eilish. If my book could be one song, it would be this. The sound of a knife scraping. The lyrics. The mood. EVERYTHING.

Watch me make ‘em bow.

One by one by, one.

One by one by
You should see me in a crown.

If my book was ever made into a movie, this would be the perfect song for the closing credits.



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