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7 of the Biggest Secrets from The Edge of Nowhere Series


The last time we read a mystery series this addictive, well – actually, we can’t remember the last time we were so hooked. The Edge of Nowhere series is set on Whidbey Island, where nothing is as it seems and everyone has something to hide. Becca King, the newest member of the Whidbey Island community, is a runaway in hiding from her murderous stepfather. As she attempts to lay low in her new home, she meets an interesting assortment of folks and will soon realize everyone has secrets of their own. Read on for 7 of the most mysterious secrets you’ll uncover in The Edge of Nowhere series!


Becca King

IMG_2046 copy

Becca has two huge secrets: her identity, and her mysterious power to hear ‘whispers’ of people’s thoughts. Will Becca be able to remain hidden and keep her powers a secret?


Derric Mathieson

Death_to_stock_Kashmir_Big_Cartel_5 copy

The most popular kid on Whidbey Island, and he’s only a freshman! But even smiling Derric has something to hide from his past as an orphan in Uganda. Could it have to do with the word “Rejoice” Becca hears over and over again in the whispers of his thoughts?


Seth Darrow

A boy alone in a classroom with his head down on a desk.

High School dropout, grocery store clerk, and guitar master Seth Darrow gets an undeservedly bad rap on Whidbey, but could he have possibly been the one to hurt Derric Mathieson in the park that one fateful day? And what happened to those sandals he always wears? And what does Hayley Cartwright have to do with him?


Jenn McDaniels

Death_to_stock_photography_farm_9 copy

That resident mean girl Jenn has a crush on Derric is no secret, but her crude and dismissive attitude towards Becca comes from someplace darker. Jenn would rather keep people at arm’s length than let anyone know her darkest secret.


Debbie Grieder


Debbie runs a motel just outside of town where she cares for her two grandchildren, Chloe and Josh. But what happened to their parents? And what about the death of Debbie’s daughter years ago still seems to haunt her?


Diana Kinsale

Death_to_Stock_Photography_BodyTruths_9 small

Diana Kinsale is a kind woman who has too many dogs, and happens to be the first person Becca encounters on Whidbey. But for some reason, she’s the one person whose whispers Becca can’t hear. Does she have powers of her own? And more importantly for a girl on the run, can she be trusted?


Hayley Cartwright

Death_to_stock_photography_farm_6 copy

Hayley Cartwright, who seems like your average, run of the mill high schooler, is hiding her desire to travel the world. But why? And what has happened to her family and their horse farm to cause it to fall into disrepair? And can anyone help her?



Ready to solve the mysteries? Start reading The Edge of Nowhere!
















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