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Our Favorite Bookstagrams of Alex & Eliza

(Cover image by: @in_acourt_ofbooks)


Ever since Alex & Eliza: A Love Story hit shelves, we have seen countless beautiful bookstagrams–so much, in fact, that we thought, enough is enough, we NEED to share these with our readers! And now that the finale All for One is here, we’re sharing some of our favs from over the years!

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A post shared by Kelsey (InkStagram Tours) (@lit_nerd37) on

This beautiful shot is nearly as swoon-worthy as the book itself.


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A post shared by Donicca (@in_acourt_ofbooks) on

We love the idea of reading by candlelight. Sigh. So romantic.


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A post shared by Kylie, Turbo and Squirt (@frenchiefiction) on

The whole series + mad bookstagramming skills = everything.



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A post shared by Marrill \ XVI \ INFP-A (@booksandravens) on

We’re falling hard for this lovely lace heart and the prettiest little pink flowers ever.


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A post shared by Chessca (@poodles.ponies.peonies) on

This Bookstagram is spring time incarnate and we are loving it.


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A post shared by DarqueDreamer (@darquedreamer) on

So breathtaking. This photo is kind of a love story all it’s own, tbh.


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A post shared by Kelly | Morgantown, WV (@wildandwonderfulreads) on

That little ribbon is the perfect touch, really ties it together. (See what we did there?)


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A post shared by Wellesley Books (@wellesleybooks) on

ALL the spring vibes.


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This shot is so sweet, we’re getting sentimental just looking at it.


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A post shared by Lara (@bookiosaurus) on

We’d be throwing away our shot if we didn’t mention this last one, which is just so stunning.





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