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Quotes Readers are Loving from TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN


If you’re a John Green fan (or even if you aren’t), you know that he is one of the most quotable authors out there. Since the Turtles All the Way Down paperback just recently hit shelves, we have absolutely loved seeing which quotes from the book have resonated with readers, inspiring incredible fan art, and beautiful bookstagrams, which reminded us a whole lot of all the love on social media when the book first came out over a year ago and the continued love for it now! So, read on for a sampling of reader favorites, both from back then and now!





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Quotes: “I would never slay the dragon, because the dragon was also me” 💫 “To be alive is to be missing”. 💫 “You’re somebody’s something but also your you” -Aza 💫 “No one ever says goodbye unless they want to see you again” ~Davis 💫💫💫 Review: Worth the hype!! Like it gives you all the feels that you get while watching BTS songs! And when you know why it’s called turtles all the way down, you are going to not expect it at all. Talks about old friendships which last and which never really break but neither stay. And the sarcasm makes you giggle every now and then. A book that will make you rethink what you think? Maybe. Rethinking the difference between being in love and having loved someone. Aza: is the most relatable character, awkward, having an extroverted best friend, being confused about things, and that one childhood friend who never actually leaves your life. Davis is sweet. So is a good poet, his confused relationships and him are known to no one but him. Daisy: is enjoyable and the Nancy Drew-ish character but caring and finds her own way to cope up with her best friend’s problems. QOTD: Favourite clichéd book ? Ignore the hashtags: #turtlesallthewaydown #johngreenbooks #bookreview #readafterhype

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“You look out from over a bridge or whatever and it occurs to you out of nowhere that you could just jump. And then if you’re most people, you think, well, that was a weird thought, and move on with your life. But for some people, the invasive can kind of take over, crowding out all the other thoughts until it’s the only one you’re able to have, the thought you’re perpetually either thinking or distracting yourself from.” ⠀ I’ve just finished reading “Turtles all the way down” and my mind is blown. This is the first time that I have read a fictional novel about someone struggling with mental illness that connected with me so much. ⠀ I have had OCD since primary school. It’s alternated throughout the years, changing my mind obsessive patterns – I hated touching strangers, things right after someone else did, I avoided numbers like 3 and 6, avoided jokes about deaths and illnesses, I had to move things to the exact places where they stood before (like, exactly, inch by inch, angle by angle). Now I’m dealing with more obsessive side rather than compulsive and haven’t told about it to anyone yet, and not gonna share it here (because I only speak about it on sm only when I’m past it), but man is that the hardest thing ever. ⠀ Okay, back to the book. Freaking genius. Aza has the exact same trail of thoughts I have in moments of obsessions. And what scares me the most, is that even I, who have been through the same hell, read it and thought, like, why are you dong this? That’s so irrational and weird. So I can’t imagine what it is like for someone not being familiar with ocd to try and understand it. ⠀ What this book taught me is that 1) all ocd is different and may be triggered in so many different ways, and 2) you never know what happens in someone else’s mind, and frankly, you’ll never know, but do try to be kind. ⠀ Thank you @johngreenwritesbooks for this. And thank you for that ending. Not to spoil anything, but I hope you know what I’m thanking you for. ⠀ I think that we tend to think that we are all alone when we struggling with something, but reading books like this and being exposed to stories like Aza’s shows us that we are not. We are all in this together.

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