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8 Readers Who Need to Tell You About I HAVE LOST MY WAY


It’s been a little over a month since Gayle Forman’s latest novel, I Have Lost My Way, hit shelves, and we decided to check in with readers–Gayle fans and new readers alike–to see what they were saying! Read on for some posts we loved about I Have Lost My Way!


yesterday, i finished reading gayle forman’s latest novel “I HAVE LOST MY WAY.” i literally picked up the book and did not put it down until i was finished with it. and that’s because i just could NOT put it down. forman created three brilliantly crafted characters whose stories and brokenness now lay upon my heart and soul and i am afraid i will always. from her easy flow between past and present tense to the switching of point of views, everything about this book was wonderful. i fell absolutely in love with the characters and her beautiful writing topped it off. if this isn’t on your to be read list right now, add it on there! this book is brilliant and has easily made it onto my list of favorites! [ #bookstagram #books #booklover #booknerd #ihavelostmyway #ifistay #whereshewent #gayleforman #whatlight #toalltheboysivelovedbefore #spring #tbr #photography #bookstagramfeature #shelfie #twilight #coffee #summer #newyork #weekend ]

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“I fell absolutely in love with the characters and her beautiful writing topped it off”


“Everything she writes easily speaks to my soul, breaks my heart, and helps me remember what is good in the world”


“I don’t think i will ever stop talking about this book it was SO beautiful!!!”


“So glad I ‘found my way’ to this book!”


“It breaks you into a million pieces and builds you back up again”


I have concluded that my favorite reading genre is YA Realistic Fiction. Some of my absolute favorite books are in this genre; these are the books I long to read over and over again. I connect better with the characters and their stories. I just finished reading #IHaveLostMyWay by @gayleforman, and I love this book. Without a doubt, it’s my favorite 2018 read so far. I Have Lost My Way gave me the same warm fuzzy feeling that If Birds Fly Back did last year. Told in alternative timeline of flashbacks and the present, I Have Lost My Way introduces three very diverse and compelling characters: Fraye, Nathaniel, and Harum. Whether by fate or accident, these three characters meet in a very peculiar way in Central Park. Each flashback shows how each character lost something in their lives that led to the present. I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love Fraye, Nathaniel and Harum. I connected with each character right away. I felt their lost, their happiness, their sadness, and their sense of hope. 5⭐️/5 #GayleForman #IloveYALit #YALiterature #TheSerpentKing

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“I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love Freya, Nathaniel and Harun. I connected with each character right away. I felt their loss, their happiness, their sadness, and their sense of hope.”


❝They may be complete strangers, with different lives and different problems, but there in that examination room they are measuring sadness the same way. They are measuring it in loss.❞ —Gayle Forman, I Have Lost My Way • • • Hello bookstagram How are you? I stumbled across this book accidentally because I was buying some books for my birthday and I was short on one book. I didn’t know which book to get and while I was on Goodreads I saw this in the new releases and decided to buy it because it looked interesting and also because if I had to spend another minute deciding between books I was gonna go crazy So when this arrived I was very excited to read it and jumped right into it! I ended up loving the story and its characters, and also how in the end everything comes back to one thing: how loneliness affects people. Just to give you an idea of what the book is about, here is a short summary: Freya is a singer who lost her voice, Harum’s secret is destroying him, and Nathaniel has lost everything in his life. These three strangers have one thing in common; they have lost their way, and now it’s up to them finding a way to piece their lives back together. When a fall from a bridge makes all three of their stories intertwine, will they be able to help one another get onto the right path? . . I loved how this story started from each of the characters POV on the same event, and how that made them stick together for enough time to realize how loneliness had affected them. They story also happens over the course of one day which is something I loved and how the flashbacks from each of the characters told how they ended up in that bridge where they “met” (more like stumbled into each other). And this book had diverse characters with very different lives which is something I loved because it can tell you how everyone can feel the same things you do, how everyone feels something no matter who they are. I haven’t read many books like this one, but this writing style is amazing and Gayle Forman managed to create three different stories and somehow relate them. 10/10 . . . Bye now because I hit the word limit‍♀️ . . . ✨

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“This book had diverse characters with very different lives which is something I loved because it can tell you how everyone can feel the same things you do, how everyone feels something no matter who they are”


REVIEW: I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ • This is the story of three strangers who collide (literally) in Central Park. Freya is an artist who lost her voice. Harun is Muslim, gay, and just lost the love of his life. Nathaniel has just arrived in NYC. He is lost, broke, and looking for his father. In one day, they each find something they were missing in the other two, and strength to confront different issues in their lives. • Gayle Forman’s writing is powerful and parts of this story really pulled at my heart. I would suggest this book to anyone looking for a short but sweet, inspirational, heart-wrenching read! Check out my full review on Goodreads(link in bio) • •Thanks to @penguinrandomca for sending me a copy! #partner • • #bookreviewer #bookmail #bookstagram #canada #yyj #readingisfun #booksandtea #bookphotography #bookish #bookgirls #instabooks #gayleforman #ihavelostmyway #yabooks

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“Gayle Forman’s writing is powerful and parts of this story really pulled at my heart.”




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