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10 Times Gudetama Totally Understood You


Let’s face it  — life is rough. All we want to do is curl up with a book, a blanket, and a big bowl of snacks everyday but y’know…responsibilities. And sure, work and school are super important but sometimes, you just kind of have to veg out, cut some corners, and lay in bed binging Netflix for hours. No one understands that better than our favorite little unenthusiastic egg Gudetama. Next week, Gudetama’s Guide to Life arrives, providing us with the latest tips and tricks for avoiding life’s tribulations and living life to the (almost) fullest. While you wait for your book to come in the mail (because let’s face it, online shopping is so much easier), here’s ten times Gudetama, the master of apathy, understood your #struggle.


Gudetama 01

This is exactly how a Monday feels. Nailed it, Gudetama.


Gudetama 02

Here, Gudetama is totally embodying that moment where you tell your friends you’re way too busy to hang out on Friday night, when the only plans you have involve the couch and your pajamas.


Gudetama 03

Gudetama really understands that holding your phone for a selfie sesh can make your arm super tired. The solution? Selfie stick. Say cheese!
Gudetama 04

When you’re exhausted in bed, just about to fall asleep, and you realize the light is still on. (This is the worst.)
Gudetama 08

If we were granted three wishes, the first one would definitely be unlimited curly fries, tbh. So we feel you, Gudetama.
Gudetama 09

Gudetama knows that it’s great to be the best at something. This lazy egg just happens to be the best at doing nothing. A true achievement that we can totally relate to.
Gudetama 10

Wait, where can we find a bacon blanket?! We wouldn’t even have to get up for a midnight snack… (Gudetama, hook us up.)
Gudetama 11

The worst part of the day is when our alarm goes off in the morning. Counting down the minutes until we can sleep in on the weekend…
Gudetama 05

Sometimes you just have to curl up in the fetal position and sigh repeatedly. It’s really therapeutic.
Gudetama 06
Just gonna keep refreshing…




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