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The FOUR DEAD QUEENS Countdown: Ludia!


Singers, dancers, entertainers, this is your week! Welcome to Week 2 the FOUR DEAD QUEENS COUNTDOWN! In honor of the queenly countdown, we’re celebrating one of the four quadrants from Four Dead Queens every week until it’s here! This week’s quadrant is LUDIA, land of art and beauty! Scroll down to for a glimpse of Ludia’s colorful landscape and stellar talent as well as an interview with the author, Astrid Scholte!

Scroll down to read a letter from the ruler of Ludia, Queen Stessa herself!


Ludia: The pleasure quadrant that values frivolity, music, art and entertainment.

Proverb: Life is for the revelers with open eyes and open hearts. 


Welcome to Ludia!

I’m Queen Stessa, ruler of the best quadrant, which I’m sure you’ll agree! You’ll never be bored in Ludia, there’s always a party or celebration. Any day, or night. You’ll never want to leave.

The best way to travel Ludia is on foot, that way you won’t miss any of the street art curling across the stone walls and up the sides of buildings. In fact, each building is painted in a different color, creating a kaleidoscopic city.

If I had just one recommendation, it would be to grab a fluffy pastry from a patisserie, sit alongside one of the canals and watch the nightly fireworks reflected in the water. I used to spend many evenings with my friends doing just that. Oh! And don’t forget the spiked jeuberries. They explode in your mouth in the most delectable way. Just don’t have too many. Especially if you’re sitting by the water. You don’t want to fall in and ruin your hair and makeup!

If trees and flowers are more your thing, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Our land is mostly made of stone, and the soil is so acidic, nothing will grow. But don’t worry, we make up for the lack of natural resources with all the entertainment you could ever want. Plays, art museums, literature festivals, and live concerts. Whatever your passion, Ludia will provide.

Some people might argue the lack of flora and fauna makes Ludia stark and ugly, but I dare you to walk down Ludia’s famous flower boulevard and deem it so. Flowers—all imported from Archia, of course—are strung in loops between buildings. At night, these flowers bloom into stars, with small lights embedded in the center of each bud.

If you happen to be travelling from Eonia and have blank comm chips, please send me your memories of your trip. Sometimes, I miss my home so much it hurts.

I do hope you have the most wonderful time in Ludia!


May the queens forever rule the day. Together, yet apart.


Queen Stessa


Join us next week to explore the magical land of technology and harmony, Eonia!


Four Dead Queens is hitting shelves February 26th! Don’t forget to pre-order your copy and upload your receipt to receive a special Quadara pin!


Unsure which quadrant you belong in? Take the quiz to find out!



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