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Penguin Teen Fans Answer: What Keeps You Happy?


A couple of weeks ago, we asked our Instagram fans what keeps them happy (besides reading, of course) for a chance to win a copy of Julie Israel’s Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index! We got hundreds of great responses, many about moms, pets, and food, but here are a few of our favorite answers.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 4.09.24 PM


“Blogging (#2 is eating)” – @panama_art


“Snuggling with my rescue pup, Utley!” – @danyjacob


“My dogs and cat. It’s good to know that when I’m down an animals unconditional love is there to help me through the hard times as well as the good times.” – _nicole022


“My mom, who always takes care of me when I need her ❤️” – @x_xshelby


“Good food, friends and family and my dog.” – @the.librocubicularist


“Being with my mom can brighten ANY day. No matter how hard of a frown I have on my face she, in an instant, can “turn that frown upside down”. She always knows how to make my day as bright as the sun ☀️!” – @bookchatt


“Although I keep a growing list of over 600 ‘Things To Be Happy About’, some of my favorites are tap dancing, pistachio ice cream, fresh haircuts, harvest moons, and pancakes and coffee on Sunday mornings 👌” – @emsmith5683


“There’s always comfort in donuts! 😜” – @onemused


“besides reading, the one thing that keeps me happy is music. It’s so powerful and it can change your mood and enlighten the moment. Music always makes me happy.” -@hannalanting


“Baking something tasty for friends!” -@bermundy


“Laughing so hard that I cry, with my best friends 😂💞” – @alicia.atkinson


“Naps, solo dance parties, painting my nails, asking really bizarre questions like, “do you think dragons are to be used for intimidation, travel or as pets?” to everyone I know (answer: intimidation), baking literally anything so I can work towards the Martha Stewart life of my dreams, building carts on various shopping websites.” – @missmeganmann


“Singing, music, nothing in the world compares to that feeling when you hit that top note or when the music swells with emotion. It’s like being on cloud 9” -@mckaykejui


“Not having any homework and Hamilton🙌” – @remmie_moeller


“The Harry Potter movie series” -@paige_1313


“I enjoy writing; I want to be a New York Times Bestselling author someday!😊😊” – @kat_jewel2003




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