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We are SO ready for the virtual #YALLStayHome festival and all the giveaways, panels, and fun it entails! Scroll down to see what’s happening at the Penguin Teen virtual booth this weekend.







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Enter to win our book club picks, Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf by Hayley Krischer and How It All Blew Up by Arvin Ahmadi!


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9:00 AM PDT

YALLStayHome Preview Live Show + Special Guest!

Penguin Teen Live Chat!

Join Penguin Teen @penguinteen on Instagram Live for YALLStayHome preview chat with special guest Arvin Ahmadi!


10:00 AM PDT

Opening Ceremony + Teanote AM Keynote

Festival Founders, Melissa de la Cruz & Margaret Stohl, open the festival and talk all things Little Women. They will be joined by longtime friend Raphael Simon AKA Pseudonymous Bosch (who furtively read Little Women in fourth grade, hidden under the cover of a Jack London book) as moderator of the keynote.

Click here to register and read an excerpt of their new book Jo & Laurie here!



11:00 AM PDT

Creativity in the Time of Corona

Authors have been working from home in pajamas for centuries. Who better to give some insight to the rest of us stuck at home?

Moderated by Nicola Yoon with Alexandra Bracken, Simone Elkeles, Sarah Enni, Sam Maggs, and David Yoon

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12:00 PM PDT

Modern Magic Worldbuilding

In 2020, where do you begin and what do you steal from the real world, especially when the real world is a garbage fire?

Moderated by Ransom Riggs with Melissa Albert, Adalyn Grace, Francesca Flores, Frances Hardinge, Margaret Rogerson, and Tracy Wolff

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SUNDAY, 4/26





9:00 AM PDT

Super Fake Love Song Live Show with David Yoon!

Penguin Teen Live Chat!

Tune in (no pun intended) on Instagram Live @penguinteen for the Super Fake Love Song Music Master Showdown!


1:00 PM PDT

Worldbuilding Beyond Wikipedia

GIVEAWAY: Early excerpt of THE DAMNED

How do you do the research to write historical fiction, and when do you have to let the history books go and start your own world building?

Moderated by Roshani Chokshi with Renée Ahdieh, Gwenda Bond, Jennifer Donnelly, Marie Lu, and Bethany C. Morrow

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4:00 PM PDT

Writing Empathy

GIVEAWAY: 15 Finished Copies of A Breath Too Late by Rocky Callen

Authors discuss the process of writing inclusively, empathetically, and generally creating a character who is also a person.

Moderated by Tahereh Mafi with Kacen Callender, Dhonielle Clayton, Charlotte Nicole Davis, Tehlor Kay Mejia, Zan Romanoff, and Adam Silvera

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Psst! Start reading LOOK by Zan Romanoff here after you catch the panel!




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Best of An Ember in the Ashes: Character Deaths

We have ALL cried over a fictional character’s death at some point, and Sabaa Tahir has a knack for making us sob every.single.time. So, in continuation of our #EmberCountdown to A Sky Beyond the Storm, here are the most memorable character deaths from the series so far!   SPOILERS AHEAD for An Ember in the Ashes, … Continued
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November Books: Here’s What’s Hitting Shelves!

Read-y for some fantastic new reads? Here’s what’s coming to shelves in November!   11/10: Matched Deluxe Edition by Ally Condie Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ally Condie’s multi-million copy bestseller with the deluxe gold edition of this modern dystopian classic!   11/10: The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe by Ally Condie The fierce new YA … Continued
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Join the Ember Read-Along!

Join us for the Ember Read-Along! From July 5-September 30th, we’ll be exploring the dangerous world of An Ember in the Ashes, A Torch Against the Night, and A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir. Whether you’ve read the series twice already or are picking it up for the first time, ALL are welcome to join and catch up … Continued
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SURPRISE! These 2021 covers JUST dropped!

Surprise! We’re dropping 2021 covers throughout today! Get ready for not one, not two, but FIVE new reads to add to your 2021 TBR. And did we mention? We snatched an excerpt for each of these new reads for you to get an early taste of each one! First up, prepare your eyes for From Little Tokyo, With … Continued
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October Books: What’s Hitting Shelves This Month!

October books are almost here! Here’s what’s hitting shelves this month.   10/6: Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf by Hayley Krischer – In her searing, empowering debut novel, Hayley Krischer tells the story of what happened that night, and how it shaped Ali and Blythe forever. Both girls are survivors in their own ways, and … Continued
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Every Book Hitting Shelves in September!

September is here and new books are too! Here’s what’s hitting shelves this month.   9/1: Sanctuary by Paola Mendoza & Abby Sher – Co-founder of the Women’s March makes her YA debut in a near future dystopian where a young girl and her brother must escape a xenophobic government to find sanctuary.   9/1: FLYY … Continued
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Join the HOUSE OF HOLLOW Digital Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to the House of Hollow scavenger hunt! Where did Grey Hollow go? The first 10 people to collect all five pieces of the password and email the correct password to will receive a limited ARC of House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland! Read the magazine clipping below. The first word of the password is somewhere within!   … Continued
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Cover Reveal: WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE

What time is it? Time for a new #Wibbroka cover you say?! Yes! But just in case you’re new here, #Wibbroka is the beloved couple name of romance writing author couple Austin Siegemund-Broka and Emily Wibberley, authors of Always Never Yours, If I’m Being Honest, and Time of Our Lives. Today we’re revealing the cover for their newest novel What’s Not … Continued
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Join Penguin Teen for YALLWrite!

We are SO excited to celebrate the virtual #YALLWrite festival this weekend. Join in for giveaways, panels, games and more! Scroll down to see what’s happening at the Penguin Teen virtual booth and make sure you don’t miss out on anything awesome!   Sunday, 11/8   ALL DAY Giveaway: E-ARC Rec-a-Reads Enter Penguin Teen’s Rec … Continued
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Everything we know about the THEY WISH THEY WERE US tv series adaptation

They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman is being adapted into a TV series and we cannot WAIT to see this thrilling murder mystery come to our screens! Here’s what we know so far…   1. The TV series will be called The Players’ Table We’re pretty obsessed with both titles!   2. It will … Continued
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