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5 reasons you need to pre-order A River of Royal Blood

Searching for your next fantasy series to dive into? Well, then your search is over! A River of Royal Blood will be on shelves October 29, 2019, which means you have until October 28 to pre-order the first installment in this magickal new series. Here’s why you should pre-order it RIGHT NOW!


1. The magick is immersive.

All of the characters in A River of Royal Blood can practice magick—but not all magickal specializations are created equal. The book’s protagonist, 17-year-old Princess Eva Killeen of Myre, must find a teacher who can show her how to control her magick of blood and marrow—a rare and frighteningly powerful ability that has only been seen in Myre about once in the last two hundred years. Eva’s journey to learn how to control the power locked inside her is immersive, and it’ll make you wish magick were real. (Spoiler alert: it is real!) ✨


2. It will tide you over until Children of Virtue and Vengeance.

Are you looking for the high-stakes sibling rivalry of Three Dark Crowns, set in an African-inspired world like that of Children of Blood and Bone? That’s exactly what you’ll find in A River of Royal Blood! Plus, Children of Virtue and Vengeance (the sequel to Children of Blood and Bone) won’t be out until December, so A River of Royal Blood is the perfect read to pick up while you wait.


3. It’s the first in a duology!

If you’re looking for a new fantasy series to dive into, this is the one to start with!


4. You won’t see that ending coming…

It’s a huge revelation and—oops we’ve already SAID TOO MUCH! 🙈



If there were ever a reason to pre-order a book just from seeing the gorgeous cover, this is the one! 😍


Have we convinced you to pre-order A River of Royal Blood? Get your copy now, and then submit your pre-order receipt to receive an exclusive tattoo pack!

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