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The 5 Worst Things for Book Lovers to Lose

We all have those days where we lose things. Keys, pens, earrings…we’ve all been there. But as book lovers, we know there are some essentials that we can’t misplace. We’ve rounded up 5 of the worst think book lovers can lose.


Their library card

The library is a magical place. It’s quiet and full of books and a book lover can borrow any of them for free…as long as you have they library card locked down.


Their favorite book

Every book lover has that beloved, (occasionally) signed copy of their favorite book. It’s been read so many times that it’s falling apart, and it can’t be loaned out because what if it didn’t come back?


Their bookmark

A good bookmark is hard to find…literally.


Their glasses

Those lucky bookworms who don’t wear glasses will never understand the struggle of not being able to read because you can’t see.


Their place

There is nothing worse than dropping a book and losing your spot. NOTHING.



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