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8 Magical Things Every Book Lover Has Wished For

With Jessica Khoury’s Aladdin retelling The Forbidden Wish almost out in paperback this season, we have wishes on our minds. It stars Zahra, the most powerful female jinni in the world, and it has us thinking about what we would wish for if we stumbled across her lamp. So we asked the book lovers of the world what they’d want more than anything else and here’s what we found:


A home library upgrade.


via Bookbriefs


A sequel for every book.

Next level bookshelves.

Transportation to magical lands for reading purposes..


via eaterofbooks

More time in the day for reading and more $$$ for buying books.


Pillows. All the pillows to read on.


via whatsarahread


Totally distraction-free reading time.


via lostinlit


Fictional characters to come to life.





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