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9 Scary Books for Teens to Read Based on Movies

Even though it’s not October, it’s never too early to create a detailed schedule of chills-inducing movies to watch for Halloween preparation purposes. Supplement the spook factor with some of our favorite scary books for teens!


The Village ––> Nightfall


Residents of a small community have been warned to avoid the night, but on Marin’s island sunrise doesn’t come every 24 hours, it comes every 28 YEARS…and she’s just been left behind in 14 years of darkness.


The Sixth Sense ––> The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen


Things are just infinitely more frustrating when you’re the only person who can see someone, especially when she’s a beautiful girl you can’t stop thinking about.


Children of the Corn ––> Blood and Salt


Warning: something sinister ALWAYS awaits in cornfields.


Scream ––>There’s Someone Inside Your House


Who’s murdering these high school students in gruesome ways?

There’s Someone Inside Your House comes out September 26th, pre-order your copy here!


Donnie Darko ––> The Accident Season


The trials of growing up, family dynamics, and an eerie reappearing figure occur in both of these, but in The Accident Season there’s an added element: Kara’s entire family becomes inexplicably accident-prone every October.


Sleepy Hollow ––> Blythewood


Supernatural mysteries with a historical twist are the best kinds of supernatural mysteries.


It Follows ––> Survive the Night


Something deadly is stalking these teens…but is it all in their heads?


The Craft ––> The Merciless


Prepare to have your definition of Mean Girls blown out of the water by these teen crews.


The Crucible ––> Conversion


The Salem witch trials aren’t something most people want to relive…but history is about to repeat itself.





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