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12 Things Your Favorite Authors Are Saying About NEMESIS

While we’d like to think that you get all of your book recs from us, we also know that having one of your favorite authors be like ~OMG THIS BOOK THO~ is sometimes just what you need. We’ve noticed some of our fave authors beginning to share their love for this page-turning thriller that’s Orphan Black meets Lord of the Flies. So, without further introduction, here’s what people are saying about Nemesis!



Living my best life today. Can’t wait to start this book. And get peppermint bark all over it.

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She really is living her best life 






Caution: may forget about your children, pet, etc. while reading.


In great company.


Two words: Marie. Lu.



New tagline idea– Nemesis: More interesting than rock formations.


Alternatively, Nemesis: it’ll keep you up at night.


May or may not have watched this like 5 times




Suggested pairing: gummy bears


How could we not include this Nemesis-inspired look created by Renée Ahdieh?!  Check out the full video here.



Get your copy of Nemesis here!



















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