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Book Boyfriend Spotlight: Jin from REBEL OF THE SANDS

Here at Penguin Teen HQ, we know one thing for sure: falling for a fictional character is a 100% real phenomenon. That’s why we’ve decided to start spotlighting some of our most eligible book boyfriends – the ones readers can’t stop talking about. Why? Because the only thing better than crushing on a fictional character is getting your friends to join in.

This week, we’re talking about Jin from Alwyn Hamilton’s breathtaking fantasy debut, Rebel of the Sands. Let’s dive in.


Who is Jin?


Jin is the handsome, roguish foreigner Amani hitches her star to in order to get out of her dead-end town–and the guy she ends up falling for along the way. He has sass, amazing gunslinging abilities, and intense loyalty to those closest to him. Oh, did we mention tattoos? He has some really hot tattoos.


Why should Jin be your next book boyfriend? We’re glad you asked.


1. Playful banter and a great nickname-giver? Check.

“You’ve got traitor eyes, Bandit.”–Jin


2. Sexy intrigue? Check.

“It was damn hard to trust a boy with a smile like that. A smile that made me want to follow him straight to the places he’d told me about and made me sure I shouldn’t at the same time.”–Amani


3. A+ abilities when it comes to kissing scenes? CHECK.

“I yanked Jin back towards me. My knuckles skimmed over the edges of the sun tattooed over his heart. That was the last thing I noticed before I kissed him.

His jaw tensed in surprise for a moment; his hand gripped my arm hard enough to hurt. And then his body was flush against mine, pushing my back against the wall of the train.

I was a desert girl. I thought I knew heat.

I was wrong.” –Amani


I mean, don’t just take our word for it–let’s see what the internet has to say!







Suggested first date with Jin?


The boardwalk is the perfect place to spend your first date with Jin! Test your skills at all the carnival games they have to offer, especially anything that involves water guns–a little competition will keep things interesting, and you can combine your efforts to win some prizes.


Steaminess Rating:


A solid 7 out of 10, with the potential to go off the charts in the next two books. We’ll just be over here, watching and waiting to find out just how steamy we’re talking.



Ready to meet Jin for real? Start reading Rebel of the Sands!

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