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Cover reveal! Instant Karma meets I Wish You All the Best in a funny and heartfelt debut about a boy’s delirious summertime quest with his ex-girlfriend.

The summer after senior year should have been a time for Cam to party and hang out with his friends. It should also have been a time for him to win back the love of his life, Allison Tandy, who’d dumped him so brutally the year before.

But it quickly becomes clear that this summer is going to be worse than a failure for Cam. It’s going to be a tragedy.

Ally is left comatose after a terrible car crash, then Cam tears his ACL in a basketball accident. The operation leaves him in agony, confined to his couch and ruminating over the fact that his ex may not survive.

But when (after taking his medication) Cam starts seeing Ally, he starts to think: 1. He may be headed for a complete mental breakdown and 2. This summer might just be interesting afterall.

Brimming with honesty and humor, A Heavy Dose of Allison Tandy interrogates how much control we really have over matters of love—and life.

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Allison Tandy

Cover artist: German Gonzalez 

Cover jacket/design: Theresa Evangelista



If I were to ask you, “Where is the worst place to run into an ex?” you might say “the supermarket” or “on a date with somebody else” or maybe even “at a family reunion.” To which I would reply, (1) “wrong,” (2) “wrong” and (3) “for the love of God, man, stop hooking up with your cousin.”

There is a right answer, too. I can tell you—with absolute certainty—the worst place to run into an ex is inside your own home, while you are splayed across the bathroom floor, neck-deep in porcelain, your stomach hollowed-out like the inside of a snare drum.

Should I elaborate?

Say you’re me. (Hi, I’m Cam). You’re a senior in high school, just two weeks from graduating. Best time of your life, or so you’ve been told. Results may vary.

You’re head-over-heels in love with a girl—let’s call her, oh I don’t know, Ally. A girl you dated for over a year. Everything with you guys was good—no, better than good. Phenomenal. Stupendous. Second-to-none.

Say that very same girl blindsided you, ending things abruptly and without explanation. Shredding your heart in the process. Real hatchet job. I’ve been thinking about this for a while . . . It’s not you, it’s me . . . I still want us to be friends. She played all the hits.

That was in January—the first day of the new year actually. Now, it’s late May. The two of you haven’t spoken since. Not even a text.

Say a couple months after the split, you found out she was seeing someone else. But not just any ‘someone else.’ The very ‘someone else’ who you’d always known had a thing for her. Who she swore to you was ‘just a friend.’

Here’s where it gets fun.

Say that ex (you know, the one with the hatchet) was driving home from school one afternoon in late March when suddenly—inexplicably—she lost track of the road. Wrapped the hood of her car around an oak tree at the bottom of the Shermer Ravines. The skid marks are still there. So is the puncture her sedan left in the guardrail.

And she’s been in a coma ever since, confined to a hospital bed just a few miles up the road. Unable to walk, talk, or breathe without the assistance of a ventilator. Unable to—hypothetically—materialize in your downstairs bathroom at three AM in the morning.

So I’ll ask again: Where is the worst place to run into an ex?

The answer? Anywhere.


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