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Cover Reveal: Chasing Pacquiao by Rod A. Pulido

Today we’re revealing the cover for Chasing Pacquiao by Rod A. Pulido, a book that experiences the extreme joys, sorrows, and triumphs of a queer Filipino-American teenager struggling to prove himself in an unforgiving world. This poignant coming-of-age story is perfect for fans of Patron Saints of Nothing and Juliet Takes a Breath, coming May, 2023!

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Cover illustration: Betsy Cola, Cover design: Kelley Brady

Self preservation. That’s Bobby’s motto for surviving his notoriously violent high school unscathed. Being out and queer would put an unavoidable target on his back, especially in a Filipino community that frowns on homosexuality. It’s best to keep his head down, get good grades, and stay out of trouble.
But when Bobby is unwillingly outed in a terrible way, he no longer has the luxury of being invisible. A vicious encounter has him scrambling for a new way to survive—by fighting back. Bobby is inspired by champion Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao to take up boxing and challenge his tormentor. Then Pacquiao publicly declares his stance against queer people, and Bobby’s faith—in his hero and in himself—is shaken to the core.

A powerful and unflinching debut that will both shatter and uplift hearts with every read. 

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