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Cover Reveal: NOT DEAD ENOUGH by Tyffany D. Neiheiser

Cover reveal! Girl in Pieces meets Cracked Up to Be in Not Dead Enough, a raw and candid look at trauma about a girl who is being haunted and stalked by her definitely dead ex-boyfriend, coming to shelves January 23, 2024.

Charlotte survived the car crash that killed her boyfriend Jerry, but that night, everything changed. Charlotte wants desperately to get back to “normal,” –whatever that means now– and start reconnecting with friends she hasn’t spoken to in months. And she’s trying to work through her PTSD with the help of her therapist, only she can’t tell the truth about Jerry or what really happened the night he died.

Just when Charlotte thinks she might be moving on, someone starts sending her threatening messages claiming to be Jerry, saying things only he would know. But it can’t really be Jerry because there’s no such thing as ghosts. The cold spots in her room must be a draft and the noises she hears must be the house creaking. There has to be a logical explanation for all of it. Because if ghosts are real, then Jerry came back for her—just like he always said he would.

Not Dead Enough is a gripping exploration of trauma from debut author Tyffany D. Neiheiser about a girl who realizes that running from the past will help you survive, but everything you try to escape will eventually find you in the end. Perfect for fans of Courtney Summers and Kathleen Glasgow! Authors note included.

Scroll down to see the cover and read a sneak peek! And remember to preorder your copy here.

Cover art by Josh Hernandez (MadCharcoal), cover design by Jessica Jenkins

I heard a crunch, just one. I listened, frowning, but if someone had been walking around, they stopped. “I . . . think I hear someone.”

“It’s about time. Hello?” Nate called. “Who’s there?”

No one answered. Something seemed off to me, and my skin crawled.

“Let’s go.”

Nate shrugged and followed me but I had no idea where we were going. I heard a crunch again.

“I think someone’s following us,” I whispered. Was it Ian, messing around again? He wouldn’t do that now, knowing how scared I got and that I was in therapy . . . would he?

Nate looked at me, half- smiling, like he wasn’t sure if I was serious or if he was supposed to have a funny comeback.

I grabbed his arm. The softness of his sweater and the warmth of his arm distracted me for a moment. It was the first time I’d touched him, and even frightened, I wondered if he was thinking about that too. “Seriously. I think someone is following us.”

“It’s probably someone messing around. I’ll take a look. Wait here,” he said, then went back the way we’d come.

“No, don’t,” I whispered as he disappeared around a corner. I thought about following him, but if I got lost, I’d be wandering around by myself. What if he didn’t come back? What would I do then?

My heartbeat sped up until it choked me. The stalks rustled like someone was nearby. “Nate?” I called out, but it came out as a whisper. What if someone was watching me? I backed up to the maze wall so I could see in both directions down the corridor.

If I couldn’t get my breathing under control, I’d have a full-blown panic attack. I tried to close my eyes and calm down, but I couldn’t stop my thoughts. What if he’s hurt? If he doesn’t come back in another minute, I’m going to scream. Everyone will come. I wouldn’t think about how they were probably too far away to hear me.

My heart was trying to hammer its way out of my chest, and my head felt swimmy. Nate will come back and I’ll be freaking out and then he’ll know I’m crazy and won’t want to talk to me anymore or else he won’t come back because someone’s following us even though this isn’t a horror movie and—

My phone chimed. It jolted me out of my thoughts. I fumbled it out of my pocket and tightened my hand around it. I focused on the picture of Lori and me on the home screen and my panic leveled out a bit.

My mom had texted to ask what time I was coming home. I had a signal. I could text Lori or Ian and they’d come for us and get us out of the maze. Everything would be fine. They’d make fun of me for being stupid, but we’d be fine.

Something crackled behind me, and I whirled around. There was a white thing caught between the cornstalks. I pulled it out with shaking fingers. It was a crumpled piece of paper. I turned on my phone flashlight to see better and unfolded it slowly. It was lined paper, torn out of a book, printed in block letters.


doesn’t mean i forgot you.

i’m watching you.

Penguin Teen