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Feelings to prepare yourself for before reading Dark and Shallow Lies

You’ve officially been warned: Dark and Shallow Lies by Ginny Myers Sain is going to have you feeling a LOT of feelings. So, we’re here to prepare you before you read it, in a completely spoiler-free way!

But first, in case you’re new to what’s going to become one of your favorite supernatural thrillers ever, here’s a bit about the read!


A teen girl disappears from her small town deep in the bayou, where magic festers beneath the surface of the swamp like water rot, in this chilling debut supernatural thriller for fans of Natasha Preston, Karen McManus, and Rory Power.

La Cachette, Louisiana, is the worst place to be if you have something to hide.

This tiny town, where seventeen-year-old Grey spends her summers, is the self-proclaimed Psychic Capital of the World—and the place where Elora Pellerin, Grey’s best friend, disappeared six months earlier.

Grey can’t believe that Elora vanished into thin air any more than she can believe that nobody in a town full of psychics knows what happened. But as she digs into the night that Elora went missing, she begins to realize that everybody in town is hiding something—her grandmother Honey; her childhood crush Hart; and even her late mother, whose secrets continue to call to Grey from beyond the grave.

When a mysterious stranger emerges from the bayou—a stormy-eyed boy with links to Elora and the town’s bloody history—Grey realizes that La Cachette’s past is far more present and dangerous than she’d ever understood. Suddenly, she doesn’t know who she can trust. In a town where secrets lurk just below the surface, and where a murderer is on the loose, nobody can be presumed innocent—and La Cachette’s dark and shallow lies may just rip the town apart.


We’re here to help prepare you for what this book is going to do to your emotions. Expect to feel…

1. Intrigued


Where did Elora go? Hart is devastated. Case seems suspicious. Everyone is hiding something in La Cachette, and it’s a matter of time before it all unravels.


2. Alarmed


Wait…wait…things are starting to add up and *deep* concern is setting in for what may be happening in La Cachette…and what happened to Elora.


3. Nervous


Your heart is going to be beating INTENSELY for the last third of the book. We’re warning you now.


4. Mind boggled


This plot twist is going to be living in your head RENT FREE for the foreseeable future.


5. Absolutely devastated


What??! Just?? HAPPENED??! We won’t spoil. But WOW. That ending.


And that is just a BRIEF spoiler-free summary of your emotions while reading Dark and Shallow LiesBut don’t take our word for it! Preorder your copy here!




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