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Listen to the FLYY GIRLS Playlist by Ashley Woodfolk!

We asked Ashley Woodfolk, author of Flyy Girls, what her characters would listen to–and she delivered! Read a bit from Ashley below and enjoy the tunes!

Writing the Flyy Girls Series has been as much of a challenge as it has been a joy. Getting to know each girl intimately enough to tell her story while remembering who her friends were and how important each of the girls are to each other has been quite a journey since this is my first time writing a series. Putting together this playlist though was pure fun! Because both LUX and MICAH are out today, this playlist incorporates both girls’ personalities and stories.

Lux is a bit of a badass, and she’s very sure of herself while still having a few soft spots. The first half of the playlist are the kinds of songs I’d imagine she’d listen to as she walked around New York City taking photographs and people watching. The second half is for Micah, who is soft and anxious and very in love with her boyfriend. These are the kinds of songs I think she’d listen to in her room when she’s painting or studying or just spending some much needed time alone.

Each of the Flyy Girls are so unique and their stories are all so important to me. I hope you love these books as much as I do, and that this playlist provides some fun extra content to listen to as you read or at anytime really. So slip in those earbuds and enjoy.


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