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Four Questions for Emika Chen heading into Wildcard

We’ve got less than four weeks until Wildcard is out and with the cliffhanger that Warcross left us on, we need to more! Emika Chen has a WHOLE lot of problems to face in Wildcard; who can she trust, who should she trust and can she make it out ALIVE?! Here are four questions we want Emika to think about before Wildcard arrives on 9/18.

And a big shoutout to the above Emika Chen, which was created by Twitter user YaFoo – AWESOME WORK!


Warcross spoilers ahead


Q. Can you make the tough call against Hideo?

He’s the billionaire genius that of course, we all SWOON after but Emika, he KNOWS! He knows what Warcross is doing and he believe he can change the world by force. If you can’t help him see the error in his thinking, will you be able to stop him when the time comes?


Q. You know the Zero truth, now what?

You’ve figured it out and girl, that has put you in a lot of danger. Zero ain’t messing around and now that you know he’s Sasuke Tanaka, what is his next plan for you? Because we’re sort of not believing that you found out who he was by mistake and we’ve got a STRONG feeling this trail of breadcrumbs might be a trap. STAY ALERT is what we’re saying.


Q. Do you know Marie Lu?

Yes, we realize we’re warning you Emika, the character about your creator Marie Lu but SERIOUSLY, her final books in series – the heroine usually goes through REAL DRAMA. So we’re just saying, watch your back, look out for that fan favorite character you hang with and prepare yourself for heartache because we don’t trust that Marie Lu to not cause serious pain in the pages of Wildcard!


Q. We believe in you!

It’s not really a question but we just need you to know Emika Chen, we believe in you! You’re scrappy, smart and resilient and we think that whatever Wildcard throws at you, your survival instincts mixed with your moral foundation will help you make the right choices for not only yourself but also for your friends, family, your ex-lover and really, the world. You GOT THIS!

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