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Four Questions For Hideo Tanaka Heading into Wildcard

We’re counting down the days until Wildcard is in the world and if you’ve read Warcross, then you already know, this is Hideo Tanaka’s world and we just live in it.  But do we really know Hideo and more importantly, can we ever actually know the real Hideo? The mercurial mystery billionaire has us pondering these four questions as we approach Wildcard – which is out 9/18!


Warcross spoilers ahead!


Q: How do you think this is going to end?

Hideo, our man! While your plans to eradicate crime with the Warcross AI originated in a relatively good place, for a man who is so invested in the future, we don’t think you’re looking towards it. Your goals seem singularly focused on avenging your brother but what happens then?  What does Warcross become then? And how do you plan control it, or more dangerously, us, with the potential of mind manipulation via the impending Warcross upgrade?

Q: Can you let your brother go?

We get it, grief is hard to balance and dealing with it every day has given you fuel to fire a billion-dollar empire, but how will you survive once your brother’s disappearance is solved, if it ever is? You can’t live forever on his memory and we know how it has destroyed your parents. Don’t go down that path is what we’re begging/asking you!

Q: Do you love Emika or is she just a means to an end?

You recruited her sight unseen, gave her the proverbial keys to the kingdom and for a VERY secretive man, opened your heart (as much as you could). We WANT TO BELIEVE that you mean it, that you’re in love with our rainbow haired bounty hunter and that you’re struggling with your feelings even now but we’re not going to lie – part of us is super concerned this is a grand master plan and she could be a pawn in furthering your agenda.

Q: Who does your shopping?

We’re kind of serious because we can’t really imagine you heading down to the mall to buy your suits but we also think you’re the type of person who needs to know the specific thread count of your shirts! If you’re hiding some amazing virtual reality shopping tool that you use, can you hook us up?!

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