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Four Questions for Zero heading into Wildcard

He’s the man behind the helmet, the hacker who wants Warcross over and maybe even Hideo Tanaka dead and he seems to in complete control of everything right now! Before Wildcard arrives in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, we need to talk with the potentially good/potentially bad man and find out EXACTLY what his game plan is.


Q. Can you please give Emika her memories back?

We knew you’re using them as bait to get her to join your side and take Hideo and Warcross down BUT, it’s kinda sketchy dude! They are some super personal moments with her family and if you’re willing to hold them hostage, what other lines will you be willing to cross!

Q. Is ending Warcross your actual goal?

You’re hinting that ending Warcross is meant for good intentions and that like Emika, you’re doing this for the right reasons and want people to have control over their own emotions but we gotta ask, REALLY? Because the way you’ve approached this takedown missions including attempting to assassinate Hideo, doesn’t seem 100% legit! What plans do you really have for a game that controls millions upon millions of people around the world?!


We were SHOOK when it was revealed from Emika’s file dump that you’re Hideo’s long lost, presumed dead, brother Sasuke. But are you really him? Or are you using this identity as way to get closer to Emika and manipulate her into manipulating Hideo! Basically is this all a master manipulation based on a maybe dead brother?

Q. If you are Sasuke, do you remember your life? 

IF, and that’s a big IF, if you are Sasuke Tanaka under that helmet – you seem pretty damn cold towards you brother! Like you tried to kill him! And we understand, Hideo is in bad place right, what with trying to control the earth’s emotions but he is kind of doing this because of you!  Do you care at all at about the life you once had and maybe trying to get back to it?

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