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Hideo Week: The best of Warcross fanart

In the countdown to Wildcard, we’re celebrating this week the controller of the game, the billionaire who could turn the world on its head – for better or worse – Hideo Tanaka!

And while his motives aren’t 100% legit, he has inspired artists to get CREATIVE! The Hideo Tanaka fan-art threads are alive and kicking and we’ve selected just a few of the amazing creations.


Hideo and His Corgi by Dreaming Lightly 


When it was revealed by Marie Lu that Hideo has corgis, the Warcross fandom SWOONED and the artists got to work, imagine the closed off and private leader of Henka Games kicking back at home with his corgi!


The Business Profiles by Agent June Iparis


When we first meet Hideo, he is a global known business mogul and Emika talks of the many press profiles she admired. Bringing to life a few of those magazine covers, we would TOTALLY read this profile of Hideo with the same intensity that Emika did!


Hideo Sketches by Marie Lu

When the creator creates her own fan-art! Marie Lu’s artwork is stunning and has been seen in her books but also New York Times bestsellers including the Illuminae series. But you gotta love when the author’s sketches are super swoon-y!!

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