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LOOKING FOR ALASKA: Episode 1 recap

In case you didn’t get the jumpstart of diving right into the Looking for Alaska mini-series on Hulu, we’re recapping the first episode for you to catch up!


  • The first episode kicks off with a VERY intense flash forward to the scene of a car accident. *reaches for tissues*
  • Flashback to BEFORE
  • Meet Miles. Miles is chilling at his house with a book because no one showed up to his birthday party (but tbh hanging out with a good book for your birthday isn’t a bad alternative.)
  • Miles’s parents don’t understand why he’s so eager to go away to Culver Creek Academy. Miles explains he has to go “seek his great perhaps” (YAAAS)
  • Meanwhile, we meet Alaska, who’s packing up her life and leaving for Culver Creek Academy.
  • Flashback to Miles in the midst of the most awkward road trip with his parents ever.
  • Miles drives by and makes eye contact with Alaska and IT’S A MOMENT.
  • Miles is dropped off at Culver Creek and is left to unpack his entire trunk of books, which is a total mood.
  • We meet Chip, better known as The Colonel, who is just as hilarious as you imagined him to be.
  • The Colonel renames Miles “Pudge”, who then demonstrates his legendary knowledge of last words.
  • Introducing: The Weekday Warriors. The rich kids who go home on the weekends. They’re the worst.
  • Introducing: Takumi. He’s the best.
  • Pudge agrees to help The Colonel move his stuff. They run into The Eagle, school administrator…who is very intense about the rules.
  • The Colonel takes Pudge to meet Alaska. And the way Pudge looks at Alaska when he sees her is awwww.
  • The Colonel takes Pudge to the Smoking Hole, a hangout under a bridge at Culver Creek, and gives him a warning about the vicious swans around the lake (*cough* foreshadowing) and also warns him to never rat on anyone at Culver Creek.
  • The Colonel leaves to meet up with his girlfriend, leaving Pudge alone…until Alaska comes along.
  • They have a MOMENT and we finally get to hear the words “How will I ever get out of this labyrinth” on screen!
  • Cut to Alaska’s roommate and her boyfriend, who get caught breaking multiple rules by the Eagle due to someone ratting on them. Who could it be?
  • The next day, Pudge goes to his first class with Dr. Hyde, who may be our favorite teacher ever.
  • BUFRIEDOS FOR LUNCH. AKA deep fried burritos.
  • The Weekday Warriors try to befriend Pudge who, psh, doesn’t need them.
  • Pudge goes back to his room to find The Colonel in a crisis over his wrinkled shirt and a date with his girlfriend and her parents.
  • Eventually, The Colonel leaves for his date, leaving Pudge alone…just in time for the Weekday Warriors to kidnap him for the worst hazing ever.
  • After being wrapped in plastic wrap, thrown into the lake, and chased by a killer swan, Pudge runs into Alaska, who’s clearly been crying. She slams the door in his face 🙁
  • Pudge hobbles back to his dorm and reports the night’s events to The Colonel, who is thoroughly unimpressed. Until the next morning when he discovers the Weekday Warriors didn’t just target Pudge, but also peed in The Colonel’s new shoes which…gross.
  • The Colonel, Takumi, Pudge, and Alaska plan sweet, sweet revenge.



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