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LOOKING FOR ALASKA: Episode 2 recap

Catching up on your Looking for Alaska? We’ve recapped episode 2 for you!


  • Alaska gently wakes Pudge up by screaming in his ear and they all go to breakfast, where…
  • Pudge TOTALLY SCHOOLS the Weekday Warriors with his last words knowledge. Hell yes, Pudge.
  • Class time, and our fav teacher Dr. Hyde is backkkk!
  • But Pudge is having trouble focusing in class today, because Alaska is right next to him, and Alaska is pretty cool, so we don’t blame you, Pudge. Either way, Dr. Hyde does take notice, and kicks Pudge out of class.
  • But like we said, Alaska is pretty cool, and she isn’t about to put up with Dr. Hyde’s no-longer-cool-teacher status. She gets kicked out too.
  • They venture to the Smoking Hole and discuss their Great Perhaps (*sniff sniff*)
  • Later on, back at the dorm, The Colonel’s girlfriend shows up to talk (fight) and Pudge scurries out to hang out with Alaska.
  • Sarah breaks the news to The Colonel that he can’t be her date at the debutante ball because long story short his family isn’t a part of the country club. Oof.
  • Alaska lowkey sets Pudge up with Lara, the Romanian girl in their class who clearly has a thing for Pudge.
  • Pudge, The Colonel, Alaska, and Takumi meet back at the dorm, where The Colonel tries on the suit he bought to go to the debutante ball…in spite of Sarah having someone else as her escort.
  • Takumi reminds Pudge to wear black tonight…for reasons.
  • Cue awesome montage of everyone suiting up Sky Kids style to get back at the Weekday Warriors, leading into an even more awesome montage of pranks:
    • Takumi leads the group in building a literal cement wall outside of the Weekday Warriors room door.
    • Immediate retaliation from the Weekday Warriors = Takumi waking up to find his bed (and him) in the middle of camp.
    • Alaska and Pudge put blue hair dye in the Weekday Warriors shampoo.
    • The Weekday Warriors strike back: destroying the suit The Colonel bought to go to the debutante ball.
  • Alaska drops The Colonel off at the ball in the suit she made from stuff she got at a thrift store, then the rest of the group sneaks in for shenanigans.
  • They execute a LEGENDARY feat: laxatives at the ball for all the Weekday Warriors and they escape with a shower from the fire sprinkler system, curtesy of The Colonel.
  • Seriously, everyone, just go watch the episode, it’s hilarious.
  • The Eagle invades their victory party to return Pudge’s keys…wuh-oh.
  • The Eagle tries to get a confession out of Pudge, but Pudge doesn’t budge (hahaha) so the Eagle makes him face a “jury of his peers” to judge whether he’s guilty for all the pranks on campus or not.
  • But luckily for Pudge, the jury’s been rigged by Takumi and friends and he pretty much gets off with a slap on the wrist.
  • End of episode 2!




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