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Seven People on Bookstagram Who Have Read A Reaper At The Gates And Are Already Non-Spoiler SHOOK

It has only been a few days since A Reaper at the Gates, the third book in the An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir was released but already super speedy readers have finished and THEY ARE HAVING SOME FEELINGS!

These seven people have finished their latest adventure with Laia, Elias and Helene and might need a hug!


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“Hope is stronger than fear. It is stronger than hate.” —Sabaa Tahir ⚔ Happy book birthday to this wonderful (and heart-wrecking) book! Thank you @prhinternational for sending me this free ARC! ✨ ⚔ So here i am, more than a week later, and still at a loss of words. What happened in this book-from Elias to Laia, Helene, and HARPER, God Harper! was beyond agonising to read. The book was heavy, rich, and full of so many secrets and plots that made my head spin! ⚔ There is no amount of words that will ever satisfy or fit everything that I want to say about this book, nor what it made me feel. But, if I had to choose one word from the 171,476 words in the English dictionary (google’s numbers not mine) to describe this book, the word would with no doubts be EMPOWERING. ⚔ What’s fascinating about this book is how it portrays real life. We don’t often get to read –only recently–books with meaningful messages about empowerment. Empowerment in this book is woven through Laia’s bravery and courage, in her never giving up and in pushing forward for her people. It is also illustrated in Helene’s love and care for her people and her ever growing sense of protection towards her very own guards and citizens of the empire. And, of course, in the way tribe-women play a prominent role in the events and flow of the story. ⚔ To whoever is about to read this book, read it carefully and slowly, and savor every single chapter, page, and word, because, well, this world and characters which Sabaa ever so wonderfully built and created deserve to be appreciated. ⚔ *whispers* you can also check my full review on Goodreads.

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. “You are all that holds back the darkness.” . HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY TO A REAPER AT THE GATES BY SABAA TAHIR! . I read AEITA the week it came out, and since then I have followed and loved these characters to infinity and beyond. Sabaa was the first author I EVER met (Bookcon 2015), and I cannot thank her enough for writing such a beautiful, diverse, and important series. These books are some of the first that I recommend. They’re perched on my absolute favorites shelf, and I cannot get over that we’re now 3/4 done with the books. So crazy. But incredible. I have 100 pages left in ARATG, and all hell has broken loose. We’ve learned some imperative/ insane information, and I can’t count the amount of times my heart has shattered, sewed back together, and torn apart again and again. No words can ever thank Sabaa enough for writing this world, and I hope all of you can dive into this world and feel touched by its glory like I have. #areaperatthegates #atorchagainstthenight #anemberintheashes #sabaatahir #eliasveturius #heleneaquilla #laiaofserra #fantasy #diversebooks #newrelease #bookphotography #booktography #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #bibliophile #bookaholic #instabooks #booklover #booknerd #bookworm #currentlyreading #amreading #books #book

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Hey fam! IT’S A REAPER AT THE GATES RELEASE DAY!!!! This is by far one of my most anticipated reads of the year! I am about halfway though and it is just as incredible as I thought it would be. I was immediately sucked back into this world and these characters I love! I cannot wait to keep reading even though it feels like a reaper is looming over me! I know there is heartbreak coming! But it’s worth the pain! . If you haven’t read this series yet, DO IT! It is one of my all time favorites because @sabaatahir has put everything from beautiful writing, incredible world building and plot, and characters that hold place in my heart in this book! I can’t wait to pick up my finished copy tonight and just give it a hug ya know! Happy book birthday to ARATG! Happy Reading! . . . . #areaperatthegates #anemberintheashes #atorchagainstthenight #sabaatahir #releaseday

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All of me for all of us… • One year and nine months. That’s how long we’ve waited for A Reaper at the Gates. And today it’s finally here. To start off, Happy Book Birthday @SabaaTahir!!! We know how hard Sabaa has worked on this book, putting her love, passion, time and dedication (and some heartbreak, and evilness lots of pain lol) into this book and I’m sure it took a lot out of her but we are so so grateful to have been blessed with such a series! I didn’t even write the book and I’m so SO excited for y’all to read it. • Hands down, A Reaper at the Gates is the best book so far in the series. It’s fast paced, it’s heartbreaking, it’s hopeful and inspiring. I know we’re in this for our heroes (our beautiful silver and golden eyed heroes) but I hope you all take something more out of it. Specifically, Laia’s journey as a refugee. There’s a message in there that I hope you all see and maybe start to talk about more because it’s real and it’s even happening as I type this. • Anyways, I am on my way to go pick up my 2 or 3 copies (gotta ensure NYT list sksksksk) of A Reaper at the Gates! Good luck on your journey with Elias, Laia and Helene. I leave you with this to remember: From the Ashes, we will Rise. #booktography #bookstagram #bookworm #anemberintheashes #atorchagainstthenight #areaperatthegates #sabaatahir #eliasveturius #laiaofserra #heleneaquilla #emberquartet #emberreread #penguinteen #razorbill #yalovin #youngadult #bookstagramfeature

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