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Stephanie Perkins on 3 True Crime Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Love a gripping true crime podcast? You’re not the only one! Stephanie Perkins, author of the new The Woods Are Always Watching a heart-stopping novel about friendship, survival, and navigating unmarked paths even as evil watches from the shadows, knows her way around a edge-of-your-seat thriller. So we asked her for some recommendations! Here are 3 true crime podcasts you should be listening to.


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Hi, there! I’m Stephanie Perkins, and I’m the author of the new horror novel The Woods Are Always Watching, as well as the teen slasher There’s Someone Inside Your House, which was recently adapted into a Netflix film that will release on October 6. I’m also one of those fidgety, nervous people who has spent an absurd amount of time listening to true crime podcasts. Here are three that might appeal to the readers of my new book:



(1) Park Predators: People like to believe they are safe in the woods. That they are alone. This podcast—and my novel—would like to prove to you that you are very, very wrong. Each episode is about a different crime that has taken place inside one of our National Parks. This is why the woods are terrifying, you guys.

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(2) Casefile: I’m a huge fan of this podcast, which is known for its intense research and straightforward style, but I’d like to specifically direct you to a single episode early in their history, “07: Julian Buchwald and Carolynne Watson.” It’s about a twenty-five-year-old man and his seventeen-year-old girlfriend who are violently kidnapped and dragged into the bushland of Australia for more than a week. Except . . . that’s not what actually happened, at all. It’s something much worse.

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(3) My Favorite Murder: “Stay out of the forest” is one of the mottos of this mega-popular podcast. I’m a proud Murderino since episode eight, and, although I relate to the humor-as-a-coping-mechanism technique that Karen and Georgia use to discuss these stories, its in their candid resilience and strongly worded encouragement for women to trust their gut where they truly shine as heroes.

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