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The Cutest Penguins that You Need in Your Life ASAP

World Penguin Day is April 25! And while you really are our favorite penguins, we found a few more to spread the love.


It me!


I got this.


His hips certainly do not lie.


Penguin Perfection.


Crew on fleek.


Where do penguins go swimming? The South Pool!


When you hear there are free ice-burgers and brrritos.


Santa Penguin strikes again.


It is a Penguin. Don’t doubt us.


A Penguin with a plan.


I believe I can fly!


Where do penguins go to dance? The Snow Ball.


PFFs (Penguin Friends Forever)




Did you know penguins are one of the only native species in Antarctica? Happy World Penguin Day!


















Penguin Teen