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The Ups and Downs of Marriage, as Told by Alex & Eliza


It’s Wedding season! And that means lots of brunch bridal showers, bachelor parties, and yes, lots and lots of weddings. But do couples even know what they’re getting themselves into? Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of marriage from our lovely married couple, Alex & Eliza.


Cons of Marriage

  • In laws. Alex Hamilton had a hard time winning over the heart of Elizabeth Schuyler because of her family. Let’s just say they could’ve been more supportive of his work in the war.
  • Nowhere to hide. No, we don’t mean for a fun game of hide and seek. Although…. Just kidding! Arguing is hard, and it’s even harder when you live with the person you’re arguing with. In Love & War, Eliza and Alex struggle to build their home while confronting their own battles, putting a strain on their relationship.
  • There are expectations. In Alex & Eliza, and in Love & War, Eliza must remain strong for her husband. As he’s off trying to secure a future, Eliza is home trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of New York City. People expect Eliza to remain a loyal wife, and strong woman. They may or may not expect the same of him.


Pros of Marriage

  • You get richer! In Love & War, Eliza explains that her family’s fortune wasn’t the same that it used to be. However, after the marriages of Eliza and Alex, and Angelica Schuyler’s marriage to John Churchill, the Schuyler income began to recover.
  • You have someone to share everything with. What brought together Alex and Eliza wasn’t just attraction. It was the fact that they both trusted each other and supported one another on their endeavors.
  • Bond deepens. In Alex & Eliza, the characters expressed their love through letters, and small courtships. When they finally got married, Eliza admitted that her love for Alex grew even more, and she ached whenever he had to leave.
  • You get to spend the rest of your life with the one you love. Regardless of all the ups and downs of marriage, being with the one you love is truly a wonder.



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