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It’s The Final Countdown to The End Of The 5th Wave Series

On May 24th, all your questions about The 5th Wave series will be answered when the conclusion, The Last Starhits shelves! You probably already know that it’s going to be one of the most exciting days of 2016 so far, but you may be wondering how to prepare for that moment. We recommend intensifying your excitement by reliving the most epic moments from The 5th Wave series so far – that way, you’ll be 100% ready to dive back into the adventure with Cassie, Evan, and the crew.

Without further ado, we present the top moments from The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea! 


**Major spoilers ahead!**



Top Moments From The 5th Wave


The very first sentence.

“Aliens are stupid.” Has there ever been a better opening line? It’s so trademark Cassie, and we love getting to know her right off the bat.


The crucifix.

When Cassie encounters a man at the gas station and has to decide whether to kill him or not, it’s the first time we truly understand why she can’t trust anyone – and the damage that the Waves have done to humanity so far.


The refugee camp.

So many game-changers happen when Cassie arrives at the refugee camp with her Dad and Sammy: We meet Vosch for the first time, Sammy gets taken away, and Cassie has to escape after she witnesses her father’s death.


When Evan spares Cassie.

The first time we meet Evan, he’s supposed to silence Cassie – but he doesn’t. And so begins the mystery of Evan…


The kiss.

After weeks of watching Evan take care of Cassie and Cassie give him sass, we are finally rewarded!!


When Ringer arrives.

The minute Ringer shows up, we know she’ll switch things up on Zombie’s squad – especially when she tells him that her goal is to be the new squad leader. Also, that “If anybody in this squad touches me, I’ll kill them.”


When Zombie and Ringer figure out about the neck implants.

Everything we know about the squad, their training, and Wright-Patterson gets called into question when Zombie and Ringer realize their neck implants are also kill switches.


When Cassie suspects that Evan is an alien.

Noooooooo! Say it isn’t so!!! (Real life reenactment of how we felt when we read that page.)


When Cassie infiltrates Vosch’s camp.

Everything comes together: Cassie, Vosch, Sammy, Zombie. Also, this part had our hearts racing overtime.


The last page.

As Cassie, Sammy, and Zombie watch the sunrise, we’re left with one question…what happened to Evan?


Top Moments From The Infinite Sea

When Teacup follows Ringer to find the caves.

We’re just not gonna say much more about this moment, and if you read The Infinite Sea, you know why.


When Evan wakes up and Grace is there.

Grace is an Other too: It turns out Evan knew her when he was first “awoken.” Also, she is terrifying.


When Meghan shows up to the hideout.

We find out that Vosch has been implanting IEDs in young kids.


Poundcake’s sacrifice.

After getting to know Poundcake’s past, this is a pretty emotional moment for everyone.


Meeting Razor.

When Ringer is being held by Vosch, who wants to make her his weapon, she meets Razor – who takes care of her.


The nanobots.

Vosch implants nanobots into Ringer’s brain that are basically supposed to make her an enhanced superhuman, and eventually she finds out that Vosch wants her to hunt down Evan – the one enhanced human who has gone rogue.


Evan’s return.

The Infinite Sea ends with Cassie, Ben, Sammy, Megan and Dumbo in the woods together. When they hear a noise, Cassie runs out – and it’s Evan!


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