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Here’s What We Discovered About Sabaa Tahir By Stalking Her Instagram

If you’re like us, you always want to know more about your favorite writer. Like, when they’re not penning page after page for us to fawn over – what are they doing all the time?! After reading both books in the Ember in the Ashes series, we decided to check in an see what author Sabaa Tahir has been up to. From the looks of her Instagram, there’s a lot to learn. Read on to find out the 100% true things we discovered about Sabaa Tahir!


She has a sock obsession

Might have gone a little crazy with the sock shopping.

A photo posted by Sabaa Tahir (@sabaatahir) on

This wasn’t the only picture we found of socks on Sabaa’s Insta – she clearly has an obsession. With a variety of patterns from sloths to taco stegosaurus, she’s got them all!


She speaks emoji

An example of the serious philosophical discussions I have with @laurendestefanoauthor on Twitter DM.

A photo posted by Sabaa Tahir (@sabaatahir) on

She’s clearly having an intense conversation in this photo. Sabaa has the ability to communicate solely through emojis, which is a rare trait to have.


She went to Hogwarts

How else would she have this snazzy Ravenclaw attire? She’s clearly a graduate of the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry. This makes sense considering Ravenclaws are known for their wit, intelligence, and wisdom.


Her series is real and she is a character

My EMBER sword arrived!!!! *plots world takeover* Thank you @penguinteen and @benjaminschrank!!!

A photo posted by Sabaa Tahir (@sabaatahir) on

The only reason to have this sword is clearly because she’s getting ready to fight her enemies in Torch Against the Night, meaning that this series is obviously real and not fiction as it claims to be. The question is…is she Laia or Helene??


She’s a pirate

There is literally a banner of pirate symbols hanging up in her backyard. There’s no other explanation. We wonder if she knows Captain Jack Sparrow?


She knows Santa Claus

Either she’s from the North Pole or she’s just been a VERY good girl. Santa doesn’t just show himself to anyone, and 4 TIMES for that matter.



Ready to dive into Sabaa’s books? Start reading An Ember in the Ashes, then follow it up with A Torch Against the Night!












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