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Your recap guide before reading THE CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS

2020 is right around the corner, and with it comes the fifth book in the Miss Peregrine series, The Conference of the Birds! And after that INSANE ending of A Map of Days? We’re dying to know what comes next.

But in case it’s been a whole year since you read A Map of Days, let’s review the major plot points you need a refresher on before going into book 5!

  1. The peculiars have had their internal clocks reset. THEY’RE GOING TO START AGING.
  2. Jacob discovered Abe’s underground lair, and it seems his grandfather was up to some…stuff. Based on the info they find in the lair, Jacob and Emma locate H, a hollowgast hunter and old friend of Abe’s. Side note: H has a hollow…for a pet.
  3. H sends them on a mission to deliver several ~kind of sketchy~ packages for reasons he won’t disclose. And of course, they accept.
  4. Jacob, Emma, Enoch, Bronwyn and Millard search for the first location: The Flaming Man, and take Abe’s car to do so (a car mysteriously registered under the name Gandy.)
  5. There’s some trouble, but thankfully, they find help with a peculiar named Paul, who then helps them make it to the loop who explains that ymbrynes are very rare in America. A fellow named Rex comes by every few weeks and winds the loop clock instead. Anyway, they deliver the first package to Miss Billy. But, weirdly, it only had dog treats for her dog.
  6. While they’re there, they meet new peculiars, all of whom warn them of people who try to lure peculiars into traps to be sold to highway men. *cue awesome fight scene with highway men as the peculiars escape*
  7. Next, the peculiars head to Georgia, and Paul comes with them.
  8. Eventually, they make it to the next loop in Georgia, meeting new peculiars. Then, at dinner, they put the pieces together to realize Abe was using “Gandy” as a cover up name, and it all starts to make sense. They also learn most ymbrynes have been wiped out in America, causing all sorts of trouble.
  9. One of the peculiars there is named Annie, who they give the next package to. In return, she gives them details on how to get to the next location—Brooklyn.
  10. A note on some crazy drama happening in the background: Enoch recalls hearing Emma was on the phone a while back saying things like “I love you” and it’s just sort of assumed it must have been Abe all those years ago. So…Jacob is pretty pissed.
  11. They stay the night in a peculiar hotel and then head to a school in Brooklyn, where they learn of a mysterious blackout that occurred.
  12. There’s this whole sequence with zombie cats, get chased out by principle, etc. that you really should re-read cuz it’s GREAT, but to make a long story short, they’ve gotta get out of there FAST.
  13. Meet Lilly, a girl who Millard reveals he’s been hanging out with, and while she’s nearly blind, she admits she knows Millard is invisible.
  14. HOWEVER, Lilly is friends with Nor, the girl who’s responsible for the blackout. Nor’s peculiarity is honestly really cool: she can eat light. Meeting with Nor, however, doesn’t go so well due to the peculiars being followed and attacked. They all head for the hospital, due to Bronwyn being injured, until they get sidetracked by this sketchy café and then TRAPPED. They’re taken by their kidnappers through a new loop.
  15. Meet Mr. Leo, a man with a personal vendetta against Jacob and who starts reading off all the charges for the crimes they’ve supposedly committed in their little journey.
  16. But never fear, because Miss Peregrine is here! And so is Miss Billy! They show up and free them…well, almost all of them. Nor gets left behind.
  17. As you can imagine, Miss Peregrine is pretty pissed, but explains some important stuff: America is divided into three factions, and now the peculiars involvement may set off a full-on war.
  18. Jacob leaves to find H, but finds H is nearly dead when he does track him down. H explains some serious stuff about Nor: she is one of 7 whose coming was foretold and that her arrival signals a new age. Not only that, but a very old and secret society of normals who strive to control the peculiars is hunting her down as they speak. H dies, leaving Jacob with his final words: “The one that you seek is the heart of the storm.”
  19. Jacob and Nor set off on a mission to track down their next clue, and that brings us to…THE CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS! Are you ready? WE’RE READY!


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For a video wrap-up of A Map of Days, watch click below to watch the recap!


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