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9 Very True Myths About Book Lovers

One of our favorite new heroines is Amani from REBEL OF THE SANDS, whose incredible feats make her the greatest myth of the desert. They say she’s the best sharp shooter for miles, that she can tame ancient beasts, and that she never lies. Which got us thinking…what do people say about us readers? Read on for 9 very true myths about the majestical book lover.


They can only be glimpsed when they’ve finished a chapter and deem it a good time to accomplish other activities necessary for survival (eating and sleeping).

They receive health-bolstering jolts of energy upon entering a bookstore.

They can reread the same story an infinite number of times and still weep with the same passion as the very first time.

They can accomplish herculean tasks even after sacrificing nights of sleep to finishing a book.

Time stands still and the earth stops rotating for 2 minutes when they discover that the book they’ve been waiting for is available at the library.

Their fury upon finding out that the book they loaned a friend is damaged hath no match in this universe.

Inhaling the aroma of new book smell (or old book smell) increases their lung capacity 500%.

 Their circle of friends can reach multiple hundreds…of fictional characters.

Their friendship cannot be compared, because they always have the best book recommendations and are overall quite magical beings.

Ready to find out more about the greatest myth of the desert? Read the first few chapters of Rebel of the Sands here!





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