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"Easily my favorite book of the year.” —Tillie Walden, Eisner Award–winning creator of Spinning

A twisty, spellbinding adventure about a girl and her dog who want to save the world, Danger and Other Unknown Risks is the highly anticipated YA graphic novel debut from Eisner Award-winning and New York Times bestselling creators Ryan North and Erica Henderson.

I'm gonna tell you a story, and I'm gonna ask that you let me finish before you say anything.

Here’s the deal—on midnight of January 1st, 2000, the world ended. But it wasn’t technology that killed it: It was magic. Now, years later, the Earth has transformed. Magic works (sort of). People are happy (sort of). But this new world isn’t stable, and unless Marguerite de Pruitt and her canine pal, Daisy, do something about it, it’ll tilt into deadly chaos. Good thing they’ve been training their whole lives for this and are destined to succeed. Or so they think.

Ryan North and Erica Henderson, the bestselling masterminds behind Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, serve up a graphic novel that is equally laugh-out-loud adventure and emotional gut punch. A story about the search for truth, chosen family, and rebirth, the journey of Marguerite and Daisy seeks to ask one vital question: How far are you willing to go to save the world?

"North and Henderson are a delightful team with this work, which shares many qualities with their run on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Marguerite and Daisy are both determined, spunky heroes who want to help others in big and small ways. Fans of Adventure Time will love the alternate-universe." —Booklist, starred review

“Henderson’s dynamic paneling, rendered using psychedelic hues and stark shadows, ground North’s wry narrative asides to present a mind-bending and tenderhearted adventure.” —Publishers Weekly

"This unexpected and creative version of the apocalypse is a worthy addition to a crowded field." —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“It’s been a while since a book sucked me in so completely. The adventure, mystery, humor, and darkness of it all left me floored. How many ways can I say that I loved it? Easily my favorite book of the year.” —Tillie Walden, Eisner Award–winning creator of Spinning
“Cute and fun and clever—you will want to read it more than once. Erica Henderson’s art is cartooning at its finest. A rollicking adventure that left me wanting more!” —Molly Knox Ostertag, New York Times best-selling creator of the Witch Boy Trilogy and The Girl from the Sea
“A stellar story with refreshing characters and riveting twists and turns, Danger and Other Unknown Risks will leave you spellbound!” —Sarah Andersen, New York Times best-selling creator of Fangs
“This comic has everything: brilliant artwork, a roller-coaster story, sharp comedy, heartfelt teen romance, and the best talking dog ever. I loved it so much!” —Faith Erin Hicks, New York Times best-selling illustrator of Pumpkinheads

  • Pages: 208 Pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Imprint: Penguin Workshop
  • ISBN: 9780593224847
Penguin Teen