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"Stole my heart from the first page to the last. Endlessly funny and sincere." —Tillie Walden, Eisner & Ignatz Award–winning cartoonist

A debut graphic novel from Ignatz Award–winning and nationally syndicated cartoonist Bianca Xunise.

When life gives you guitars, smash them!

School is out for summer and Ariel Grace Jones is determined to make it one for the books! Together with their bestie bandmates, Michele and Gael, Ariel believes they’re destined to break into the music industry and out of Chicago’s Southside by singing lead in their garage punk band, Baby Hares.

But before Baby Hares can officially get into the groove, the realities of post grad life start to weigh on this crew of misfits. Ari begins to worry that it’s time to pull the plug on their dreams of making it big.

Just when all hope feels lost, a fellow punk and local icon takes an interest in their talent. It seems like he might be the only one Ariel can rely on as frustrations between bandmates reach at an all-time high.

Punk Rock Karaoke is a coming-of-age tale that draws upon the explosive joy of the underground scene, while raising questions about authenticity, the importance of community and what it means to succeed on your own terms.

Praise for Punk Rock Karaoke:

* "An electrifying tale of passion and the pursuit of punk dreams in this graphic novel debut. . .Utilizing a gripping narrative, relatable situations, and evocative artwork with an aesthetic that oozes with late-1970s zine flair, Xunise imbues this comic with a fervent exuberance that embodies the ethos of punk: being real and true to oneself, building community around unfettered self-expression, and creating lasting art that doesn’t subscribe to the mainstream." --Publishers Weekly, starred review

"The phenomenal art shows off the edgy and colorful tableau of the South Side Chicago punk scene, bringingreality and authenticity to the setting, and showcasing the author’s experience . . . this glimpse into a world of music and friendship will resonate with many readers." --School Library Journal, starred review

"A vibrant, inclusive, feminist, punk-rock homage, guide, and coming-of-age story." --Kirkus Reviews

"Incredibly grounded in its neighborhood and scene, this is a great ride from start to finish." --Booklist

  • Pages: 256 Pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Imprint: Viking Books for Young Readers
  • ISBN: 9780593464526
Penguin Teen