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Holly Horror: The Longest Night #2

Holly Horror: The Longest Night #2

by Michelle Jabès Corpora

Part of: Holly Horror

In this terrifying sequel, Evie Archer and her friends face a new evil ready to devour their town whole.

Find him, find me.

It's been two weeks since Evie escaped the mines after solving the mystery of Holly's disappearance only to discover that Desmond followed her but never came back. Evie knows he’s alive, lost wherever the Patchwork Girl resides. When Evie tries to reach out to Holly again for help, she realizes that her connection to the Lost Girl—and the shadow world itself—has been severed. Desmond is gone, and it’s all her fault.

Ravenglass slowly begins to move on from the tragedy of losing Desmond, but as winter creeps closer and the days grow shorter, a sinister being begins to threaten the lives of Ravenglass residents, stealing them away and bringing them back different. Wrong.

Evie knows that the only way to stop it is to connect to Holly again. With the help of her friend Tina, and the troubled newcomer Sai, Evie begins to follow the clues Holly left behind, determined to find the Lost Girl once more, at any cost.

  • Pages: 352 Pages
  • Series: Holly Horror
  • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Imprint: Penguin Workshop
  • ISBN: 9780593523117

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