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When a new girl arrives in town, seemingly from the future, three teens' lives are turned upside down in this speculative YA novel full of love and loss, and the power of the unknown.

Seventeen-year-old Nell knows two things for sure—she’s never going to get out of her rural, dead-end hometown of Clawson, NY and her best friend Stevie B and longtime boyfriend Cole are never going to leave her. That is until Charlotte, a new girl, arrives at their school and their lopsided friend triangle is turned on its axis. While Nell and Stevie B are certain that Charlotte isn’t who she says she is, Cole is caught fully in her thrall. There are secret calls and meetings between the two, and Nell knows Cole is keeping something big from her. Now, for the first time in their lives, Nell worries she could lose Cole. 

When Nell and Stevie B finally confront Cole and Charlotte, they learn the impossible—Charlotte is actually from the future, and for life altering reasons none of them could have imagined, she wants Cole to jump to the future with her, leaving Nell behind. It’s dangerous, it’s reckless, but Charlotte convinces them that it’s the only choice they have. The trio’s future has always seemed set—but with the knowledge that time travel is real, and with a multiverse of futures before them, they now have the option to live lives they could have only dreamed about. The only questions are, who will take the leap and who will be left behind.

Praise for Sixteen Minutes:

"Reading Sixteen Minutes is as breathlessly exhilarating as holding hands with someone you love and leaping into the cool water of a quarry on a small town Saturday night. This is a book where the only thing you want more than to keep turning pages to satisfy your intrigue is to read every finely wrought sentence three times to satisfy your heart." —Jeff Zentner, award-winning author of In The Wild Light

"A thoughtful, otherworldly story about loss, hope, and the risks we take for the ones we love."Dustin Thao, New York Times bestselling author of You’ve Reached Sam

  • Pages: 352 Pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
  • Imprint: Nancy Paulsen Books
  • ISBN: 9780593620052
Penguin Teen